Do you have a morning routine? If you don’t, I encourage you to develop one. How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a little “me time,” while getting your mind and body started on a good note. Here’s how I usually start each morning. Of course, you don’t need to do exactly what I do, but hopefully my routine sparks a little inspiration for you!

  1.  Open up my 10% happier everyday app.
  2. Most weekdays, I wake up at 430a.m. and begin the day with a quick mediation. this app is for meditation skeptics like moi!!!! I have been hearing so much abut it from all my mentors that I have decided to try it. This app is great because its only a few minutes… thats all I can do and it just helps me get present. Another great app isheadspace.. sometimes I just go on youtube and look up a quick mediation for whatever I’m feeling. For example this morning I was feeling extremely anxious.. so much to do.. I searched mediation for anxiety .. and boom there it was.
  3. Get my coffee on My favorite ritual enjoying a cup of coffee in solitude. I love it.. and I always use the special cup my daughter gave me… Its a christmas mug but i love it!!
  4. Enjoy a Yummy Breakfast I love love love breakfast! One of my go-tos is my blueberries with vanilla protein.. I mix it up in a bowl and voila… I love this !
  5. Workout After finishing my breakfast , I quickly change into my workout clothes to get motivated right away. I change up my workout routine all the time. Sometimes, I’ll do a leg workout other days its cardio and weights.. but its never the same ol same ol… OH and I always wear a hoody… its just part of my routine.. I feel very bad ass with my hoody up and when its go time thats it! 60 min of nothing but hard core training
  6. Practice Little Healthy Habits Throughout the Day I try to keep practicing healthy habits all throughout the day to keep up the momentum from my morning routine.
You guys know I have my habit checker and I look at it and try and mark up my paper… If you are looking for the habit checker related to fitness and health .. print it up and put it up on your fridge.. it really works.. Click Here For Health Checker If you already follow a morning routine, keep at it! If not, this week is your chance to start one!