What I learned by attending a 4 day seminar withTony Robbins.. called UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN Let me start with I am a HUGE Tony Robbins fan! I know some people love him and some people think he’s a scam, but from the first book I read in my early 20’s “Awaken the giant within” I was hooked. Its been on my bucket list to attend one of his seminars for a long time, but after one of our dear clients attended this seminar and raved about it I just had to bite the bullet and signup. So I did and I did so with a lot of fear, skepticism and doubt. But I just knew I had to jump ship and go. What is Unleash the Power Within? For those of you that are not familiar with Unleash the Power Within (UPW), it’s a four-day event with Tony Robbins designed to help you create a breakthrough and create the quality of life you desire. img_1032Each day is extremely long — I’m talking 14 hours, non-stop. Here’s a high-level breakdown. Day 1 is all about turning your fear into power and wraps up with a barefoot fire walk on 2000 degree hot coals. Day 2 is about understanding what you want out of life and helps you discover the steps needed to creating lasting change. Day 3 is about discovering your limiting beliefs that are holding you from success, such as “I’m too young” or “I’m not educated enough” and replacing them with empowering beliefs that help drive the results you want. Day 4 is all about preparing your body to have the energy you need to have an extraordinary quality of life. Good stuff right? So why did I go? img_1029The main reason I went was because as of late I had been feeling so overwhelmed, successful in my business, but not truly fulfilled by some aspects. Also, I was feeling I had to get more balance in my life, but not sure how and lastly I knew I had to change some of the stories that had been running through my head for years and I mean YEARS! So was it worth it. Yes Some take aways.. 1. BE OUTSTANDING…Listening to Tony and the stories he shared was a great reminder that being the best is 100% a choice. 2. PLAY ALL OUT…When you commit yourself to playing all out, it immediately changes your perspective.It’s amazing what happens when you change your thought process, focus, and language. 3. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH…. Another one of Tony’s concepts that really resonated with me was that stress and fear are one entity. In other words, if you break down why you’re stressed at work or home, the cause is almost ALWAYS fear, and at the end of the day, there are only two fears:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I can’t be loved.
Tony expressed that if we can come to terms with the fact that we are good enough and can be loved, we can overcome these fears. Man this is so freaking True!!! img_10304. FIND A GOOD PEER GROUP….A good peer group will help hold you accountable to achieve your goals, and if you have a peer that’s already the best at what they do, they’re only going to help you get better. This is going to sound awful, but you have to trust me. If you hang out with successful people, you’ll become successful, but if you hang out with bottom feeders, you’ll be a bottom feeder…Extreme, but true. WRAP UP Every second and every penny spent on UPW was worth it. I’m looking forward to going to attending more of Tony Robbins’ events in 2017. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you check out one of UPW or another one of his seminar. Looks like he runs a few of them a year, and the next one being in Dallas in June. While I was torn at work, It was truly a unique and positive experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.