As many of you know my history I have suffered with eating disorders for several year. Therefore I’ve had extreme bloating and extreme gastrointestinal issues my whole life! What’s crazy is I find most women even those who have never suffered with eating disorders have the same gastrointestinal issues that I have. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • Not going to the bathroom on a daily basis
  • Getting extremely bloated after eating
  • Having terrible heartburn or gas after eating
  • Looking nine months pregnant at the end of the day
  • Having your weight fluctuate as much as 5-7 pounds within two days because of water retention
If any of this sounds familiar then you’re going to love this post. Trust me when I tell you I had been to every Endocrinologist, Every gastroenterologist and every homeopathic doctor in the tri-state area to help me with these symptoms basically most of them think I’m bat shit crazy or tell me to take a probiotic and get over it. Ugh it’s so frustrating???? In any event lthough I have not found the cure there are many supplements that I do take that have made all these symptoms much less Chronic here is a sample of what I’m taking today that’s working for me 1. Multivitamin – This supports overall health and nutrition 2. Vitamin D – This supports immune function as an is necessary for calcium absorption so if you’re over 50 and you’re needing those strong bones vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium 3. Vitamin B12 – this is essential for nerve function it’s basically the energy vitamin. Some people I know even get this injecteted,  but for me the vitamin works great. 4. Magnesium – I take this because it helps with muscular and cardiovascular systems and supposedly it’s supposed to help you poop? Let’s be honest the pooping part is the real reason I take it 5. Omega three fatty acid’s is there a key in reducing inflammation and also help with brain function God knows my brain needs all the help it can get? 6. Digestive enzymes – I take these to help me break down the food in my stomach, Honestly I’ve been taking them for so long I don’t know if they work but I still take them 7. Probiotic this helps balance the gut flora in your digestive tract again another one I’ve been taking forever at this point who knows if it works but I just take it anyway So that’s it those are all the concoctions I take on a daily basis. if you have some of the symptoms that I spoke about earlier you may want to start with just one of these and slowly add them into your daily routine too much at one time maybe overwhelming for your system and may lead to gastrointestinal problems.