There are many things as a Trainer I hold dear to my heart with every single client that comes into the gym or if I am coaching you over the phone. I wanted to confess some of my workout rules or quirks that make me who I am and the trainer you want to have.

  1. I always do workouts before I give them to my clients.. but I have to admit at times I have written up the workout and then done it after… many times.. I think I cant believe they just  did that!!!
  2.  If you come to your appointment with your hair and makeup perfectly done, I make it my mission to have you sweat off the makeup and leave with crazy gym hair.
  3. During my own workouts, it’s hard to not go up to other gym-goers and give them tips on form or ways to switch up what they’re doing.i keep my hat down low and keep my headphones on MEN YOU DONT SQUAT DEEP ENOUGH AND TAKE THAT SILLY BELT OFF AND WORK YOUR CORE 🙂
  4. I add at least 10 seconds to your plank time and then tell you afterwards.
  5. On the same note, if I forget how many reps you have left, I just make up a higher number.
  6. Some clients want to chat, others want to work. A lovely mix are the ones who are friendly, but work really hard. I know you’re not supposed to mix friends with business, but some of my clients have become very good friends. ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND MUAH!!!!)
  7. I don’t care how old you are, how long you’ve been working out, or how much weight you want to lose. If you made the investment to hire a trainer and are putting in the effort, I tip my hat to you, and will make it worth your while ;)
  8.  If  you come in saying you would love to lie down on the reformer dont… I will make you do so many jumps you will wish you were standing
  9. I may always tell you the best workout is kettle-bell or trx or sandbag etc.. but honestly the best workout is the one you havent done yet.. and its coming so beware
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