pilatesHere at Yvette Salva Fitness we offer Pilates Reformer Personal Training sessions. We get a lot of questions regarding the true benefits of Pilates. Before the benefits, do you know where Pilates came from or why it is a popular form of exercise now. DID YOU KNOW? The German-born creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was born as a sickly child and grew up becoming excessively obsessed of having a perfect body. Thus, he became a skier, a boxer, a diver, a gymnast, a yoga practitioner before coming up with Pilates that is widely known today. Pilates did not become an instant hit when he created it. In fact, it was only forty years after his death that Pilates attained a worldly recognition. Celebrities like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Sting must have concurred with the celebrity guru Siri Dharma Galliani in recognizing that Pilates is more than strengthening one’s core, building flexibility, attaining balance and self-awareness.

Top 10 Pilates Benefits

  1. Posture and stability – —because Pilates focuses on your core and places emphasis on spine and alignment, your posture will significantly improve and make you appear taller and more graceful. From this, you will also gain better balance and control.
  2. Coordination —- Pilates requires you to engage your whole body, as well as your mind. With concentration on breathing and movement, doing these exercises will benefit you in terms of coordination and mind-body connection.
  3. Awareness —- once you’’ve embraced Pilates as a lifestyle, you will find that you’d be more aware of yourself, your body, your surroundings and how you move. Your body movements may change for the better breaking the bad habits that you’ve developed over the years (slouching, bad sleeping positions, smoking, etc.). Pilates benefits you even outside of the exercises, such as opting for a healthier diet, getting good amounts of sleep and taking better care of your whole body.
  4. Flexibility – —improving your flexibility can do more for your body regardless of your profession. Flexibility is key not only for gymnasts and ballet dancers. Even sports enthusiasts and athletes like basketball players, boxers, golfers and even mixed martial arts practitioners are enjoying unique advantages in various disciplines when flexibility is incorporated in their system.
  5. Stress reliever – —the rhythmic patterns and movements will have a calming effect on your whole being, keeping you more balanced not just physically but also mentally. Pilates is a cool way of keeping calm despite your stresses at work or at home.
  6. Better Respiratory— – with each movement in each exercise, there is a corresponding breathing pattern. Lowering your back in an exercise mat needs you to exhale while pulling it back just like in the Roll Up demands you to inhale correctly. The benefits of these breathing exercises include an improved respiratory system thus, preventing one from unexpected illnesses.
  7. Discipline— – is made, not born. Regardless of your fitness route, discipline is an important ingredient from the time you wake up and decide to lock in those shoelaces for an exercise. The choices within the day are even greater – healthy or unhealthy food, smoke a cigarette or not, retire late or otherwise. Pilates simply teaches you to be patient and precise, developing much willpower not only during the workout but all throughout your life.
  8. Boosts confidence – —as you see your body shaping up and looking toned, you may find a higher self-esteem and a sense of achievement. Any exercise secretes chemicals in your body that allow you to feel happy and well. Looking and feeling good is a natural outcome of Pilates.
  9. Lean muscle mass – —though various gym iron and equipment can definitely pump up your muscles when done correctly, Pilates can give you the same minus the bulk. Muscles can be built and strengthened with stretching, resistance training and balance. Having a flat, flexible abs, lean and fit arms and sculpted legs and butt are just few of Pilates benefits.
  10. Weight-loss – —a good number of people, mostly women, who started Pilates had a goal of losing weight and fitting into smaller sized clothing. Along the way however, they become more disciplined to make Pilates as a lifestyle. Weight loss is a natural path of Pilates. With the proper breathing, stretching and even with the beginners’ exercises, one can’t help but burn tremendous amount of calories especially if you follow a healthy diet.
Pilates is beyond stretching and strengthening. It’s total wellness. Pilates benefits even extends after a Pilates routine. You can carry it on your computer desk, on your way to work or even when bathing or brushing your teeth. It’s a healthy lifestyle. If your interested in getting started with Pilates Reformer Training and are local to our studio. Check out all the details on our website and send us a email when your ready to get started.