Me: please tell me your health and fitness goal Client: I’d like to lose weight about 50 pounds Me: what will be different in your life if you achieve this goal Client: I want my clothes to fit better and feel like I have more energy Me: and why is this important to you Client: I just want to feel better I sometimes get so tired that I have a little energy left and snap of my kids and husband at the end of a long day Me: how do you see your weight loss goal having a connection to this Client: I don’t know Me: do your responsibilities at home and work leave you feeling like you have no time for yourself and that you are doing for others all day Client: (she begins to get emotional now) now that you mention it … I often think to myself that I would just like to have some “me” time and I get down on myself as I want to set a good example for healthy living to my kids but I just feel like I can’t get started when I have to keep handling everything that comes my way each day Me: could it be that you’ve really never progressed in your weight loss goal because weight loss in and of itself isn’t really your most important goal? It seems to me that having some time for yourself so you can give to others without losing yourself and setting a good example for your kids so they grow up with healthy behaviors is very important to you ….does this sound accurate? Client: you know, I’ve never really thought of it that way but you’re right. I’ve always put my goals on hold when life gets busy and I just feel so drained inside because I can’t escape the things I do for others. Me: have you considered that by carving out some time for exercise, getting proper rest, and having better nutrition, you might be more efficient and effective in other roles, while also setting a good example for your kids and how to manage their lives when they become adults? If they see you reacting to the stresses of the day and ignoring your own needs, they might wind up following the same pattern when they get older. Client: wow. That sure gives me a lot to think about …fitness is always been something I felt like I was supposed to do, but also felt guilty about taking the time to pursue. I just wanted to show you in this example how 50 pounds to my client is very important but more importantly for her to achieve this is to figure out how she can prioritize her time so she can be of use to others by placing value on herself and not feeling guilty The key to achieving her goal is to find ways to not feel guilty so by placing the emphasis on how she can better take care of her family be a better wife and mother and setting a great role model for her children will make her more likely to stick to her goal. Any of you mommies out there who do for others can certainly relate I know I can the key to remember is that in order to be a better mommy to feel better and to be a better role model we must take care of ourselves first just like when you take a plane and they say put your oxygen mask on yourself first so that you can then take care of your family it’s the same principle so please ladies do not feel guilty and carve out time in your schedule to exercise even if it’s only 10 to 20 minutes a day!!!!! You can start by joining me in the online gym. Give it a try you will get 2 free weeks to see if its right for you. And coming soon we will be adding more trainers to the gym!

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