Personal trainerFind the Right Personal Trainer for You! Just as there isn’t truly a one-size-fits-all when it comes to clothing, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training. In my experience of training clients, I definitely know there are certain things you want to look for when shopping for a trainer. So if you are ready to take the plunge and you are new to the gym world take note! 1. Be sure your personalities click. Remember a trainer can have all the certifications in the world but if you don’t connect … you will not build a relationship which is the essence of personal training.  When you go in for a consultation you should be the one doing the interviewing… and be weary of the guy who sells you the package and then says.. great sign here.. you show up for your session and he forgot to tell you that he was just the salesman and not the trainer.. Man oh man … this is how it works in many clubs so be sure you are speaking with the person training you not the salesman. The first session says it all… ask for a trial or pay for your first session BEFORE  buying a package.  Many gyms will have you sign on the dotted line and then you are completely locked in with no way out. I have seen this countless times. For example, if you say to the trainer I really want to work on my legs and butt and he is giving you calf raises and wrist curls .. time to say.. bye bye! 3. Be sure your trainer is listening to you… you … its all about you… I personally reach out to all my clients after the first session to see how they are feeling and to know if they have any questions. Look for signs that they care about you!

4. Be sure they are on top of their game with their certifications and continuing education.  If they are truly committed to their craft .. they will be attending seminars.. they should be constantly advancing. Be sure they have a valid certification… by valid I mean current. If their certification is not current they are most likely not keeping up with their continuing education… BIG RED FLAG Exercise techniqes are constantly changing and you want to know what is out there …. Beware if your trainer has you on the nautilus circuit from the 80’s… things have evolved a little since then and you want to be up on the newest trends. 😉 just sayin. Ask for the certification and check that it is valid on line. A good certification is … ACE.. NASM … ACSM Check it.. and take responsibility so you are sure to get a good match.
5. They know why it’s called personal training When you pay top dollar for one-on-one workouts, you deserve more than a canned workout. If you tell your trainer you want to lose weight… you should be moving and sweating.. if you tell your trainer you want to gain strength.. you should be lifting heavy… Its all about you and your personal goals. Also, remember this… your trainer should be switching up your workouts.. Don’t let them get lazy… you want to confuse your muscles and get results!!!
6. Be sure they are accountable and present.. I have seen this countless times.. a trainer talking to another member during YOUR time.. OR on their cell phone talking to friends on facebook WHAT!!! My last pet peeve is the whole changing your time or worst even… showing up late or not at all!!!! This is a commitment and they need to be there for you!
I am a personal trainer contact me on facebook if you want to get to know me and see if I am the right fit for you!