Hey guys, So I was thinking… people ask me all the time what is the most important part about getting somebody results. My first question is what kind of results… winning a triathlon or looking fit and toned. Lets go with fit and toned because thats what most of my women want… Its funny how we mature… because If somebody had asked me this 5 years ago…. I would have said resistance training is where its at!!!!!!. Every woman who weight trains will see results as long as she is also eating the right foods, in the right amounts and training consistently 5-6 days a week. I would say this because I pretty much lived it… Cardio .. what cardio…????? lift weights with intensity.. add a tabata … do some burpees between sets.. jump squat 20 reps after squats… move quicker… super set…. all of these work to get you results… . But ask me this today and I would say the most important part of getting someone results is hands down

MINDSET…. I would say this 100% every single time.

If your mind is not right bottom line … you will not succeed. I am serious you might get results with a 21 day fix.. a 7 day cleanse or a 90 day program or whatever ………but what happens when you’re done .. you start getting comfortable taking a few days off you lose momentum because you got sick you go on vacation and you “took a break” ugh.. you gain the weight back and you are right back to square one. sound familiar??? I have seen it over and over again. People have come back to me after losing 100 pounds and gained it all back.. Why? If you lose 100 pounds its certainly not because of knowledge… but because of mindset. See… for me anyways.. I have always been obsessed with the mind and how it works. I literally have every self help book out there… no joke! I mean why is it some people can get over food addiction and others cant … why is it some people can stop drinking and others cant.. this fascinates me! so what I teach my clients is .. in order to change ……you literally have to brain wash yourself every day. I am not kidding.I am filling my brain with podcasts… every fucking day.. NO joke every day.. Poor Mary rose.. but you know what.. she is learning so much from having them on in the car… She is brainwashed TOO!!!!! I read… every single day.. I read.. something.. a biography .. a magazine article… . a chapter out of any of those self help books. no kidding.. want to know whats on my nightstand rt now???? You ready for it… Ok here it is.. 1. transform your life .. by Chris lee 2. Finding my way back to me.. by kelli Obrien.. who is also my coach and mentor 3. Get your shit together.. yup this is a real book by sarah knight (gotta love that one.. I also have another book called UNfuck yourself… yup and its a different author 🙂 I am literally laughing out loud typing this out… because I sound like a total nut job. But I promise you this.. if you fill your mind with good stuff sooner or later it starts to stick. But if you are anything like me… you need alot of repetition .. see its a daily thing.
  • Every day.. I put on my big gangsta sweatshirt and start my day moving..
  • Every day.. I say lets go.. another day to get it right.. you are an athlete
  • Every day ..I read and or journal and shift my thinking to gratitude (think about it….. aren’t you grateful you have eyes to read this.. many people are not as fortunate..)
  • Every day.. I listen to something that will give me a boost.
See our minds are fucked up!!! We literally can be thinking one way at 5 am and by noon we flipped the switch. and the whole day is shot.. we start making bad food choices.. we get nasty with our partner and lose patience with our kids.. this used to happen to me alot!!!!!! I use these tools as my insurance policy to stay committed to be the best version of myself and more importantly to keep integrity to myself. If you have integrity to yourself.. meaning your word is your word to YOU.. not to others but to YOU.. that when you say something you follow through… then thats when you will succeed in the fitness game and really in life! So thats my schpeel for the week. If what you are doing is not working… think.. what can I do to change it and what tools can I use to make this stick? Its gonna take work. and lots of it.. but in the end it will give you freedom.. the freedom to achieve anything you want!!!! If you have any tips you would like to share with me on how you get your mind right let me know.. xo Y