workout[GARD align=”left”] One of the biggest questions I get asked is what is the BEST workout? Is is Zumba, weights, body pump, kickboxing, etc.. My answer usually is the one you are going to do. Lets face it, if you don’t like pressing serious weight over your head then I doubt you are going to love cross fit and equally if you can’t do a step touch to the beat I don’t think Zumba will be your cup of tea. When people think, “I need to get in shape, there are seriously so many options out there its impossible to not find one that you will do. If you don’t like working out in a gym the are so many dvd’s you can do from home you can also find great workouts on consoles like the wii . If you need a little more accountability you can hire a personal trainer and you can even be your own trainer by checking out workouts in magazines and youtube.  And if you love the outdoors there are many outdoor bootcamps and running is always an option. The key thing here is there is no ONE way that works for everybody. I really love when people post there workouts on facebook. I think awesome they are moving and that in itself is amazing, be it Zumba, running, Crossfit or pilates. For me personally, working out at home is what works.  I do also belong to a gym… but its hard for me to get there between my family obligations and work.  You most definitely can get the same results working out at home but its not for everybody. Some people love the gym community and that is great if that’s what works best for you. People ask  me all the time how do you come up with workouts.. and the truth of the matter is sometimes I look them up on youtube, sometimes I make them up as I go along, sometimes I push play on a dvd, Variety truly is the spice of life. As a trainer, I usually see clients once or twice a week. That is not enough to keep them fit.. they need to do stuff on their own and I love coaching them and finding what works for them . Many find going to a gym and taking a class is what works best but most find that they can get just as effective workouts at home. If you do my ten in ten videos and you are consistent with them you will get amazing results. IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT. Many of my clients like this option because its quick easy and requires little preparation not to mention its FREE  (and who doesn’t love free). Others prefer doing a structured routine like a beach body program. All are good and all work. So if you need help in finding something to get you started shoot me an email at and I would love to help you.  If you are struggling with your weight and need some guidance let me know as well. And if you have been working out for some time and need to up the ante,  let me know too. I love to help and I am always here Try a variety of things! You never know what you’ll like best if you don’t try. The “best” ones are the ones you enjoy because you’ll be more likely to stick with them long term. When you put in the hard work, results will come. It’s just a matter of doing things that YOU like and putting your heart and soul into it. What is your favorite type of workout or workout program and where do you like to get it done?