3 things to do to get off sugar bandwagonSugar is not helping the winter weight loss goals! Omg!!!  Sugar for me personally is poison and it certainly does not help with weight loss the problem is sugar is a chemical and has a different reaction on different people. For me personally, the problem with sugar is that once I eat it I crave more of it. And honestly ….it doesn’t stop. Many people have said sugar can be compared to alcohol and some people can have a little and be fine and for others one leads to another and another ! Some people call it a sensitivity to sugar which this is where different things happen in your body then they do in someone who is not sugar sensitive. I am often asked please just have one cookie?? But after doing the cookie dance several times without a pretty ending I decided I could not have one. For me personally it’s not worth it. Another reason why people can get hooked is because it tastes so damn good ! Did you know that even artificial sweeteners cause your body to create craving and I have done the splenda dance as well. Once you have gorged on sugar and you are left with the aftermath, the ‘honeymoon’ is over and it’s not pretty. Your weight loss turns into weight gain and you feel bloated and unhappy with yourself.

Get off the Sugar Bandwagon

If you have been on the sugar train since Halloween time and its time to get off the tracks! If you do that three things will naturally occur in your body
  1. Inflammation will decrease… Yes ladies that means that the bloated pooch will finally go down
  2. Crazy  mood swings will start to go away. Your mood  will definitely stabilize… Give it three days
  3. The scale will go down. When you eat sugar, insulin levels spike which in turn stores fat so by decreasing sugar you will start to see weight loss . Yay!!
Just like every thing else we all need some tips on how to give up that Sweet, sweet sugar. I found this blog “Sweet Victory, 7 tips to give up sugar” check it out!