Everything I have been saying about kettlebells for the past 3 years is now really hitting the main stream !!! 3 years ago people used to look at those round iron cast balls in the corner of the gym like… ” what the hell would I use those for when I have these perfectly good dumbells right in front of me. Well not anymore… I am actually FINALLY seeing kettlebells in main stream Magazines like Shape, Fitness and Oxegyn. HOORAY .. Next we will be seeing sandbags 🙂 OH WAIT… THEY ARE FEATURED IN THIS MONTHS OXEGYN.. 🙂

AM8I3326Researchers found that people who did 20-minute kettlebell workouts torched almost 300 calories-and that’s just for starters. When you factor in the muscle-sculpting impact (the calories burned after you exercise as your body repairs its muscle fibers), the total expenditure could increase by up to 50 percent.

Kettlebells also make traditional dumbbell moves more challenging. Their weight isn’t evenly distributed, so your stabilizer muscles have to work harder. Add definition to your shoulders and back; tone your butt, core, and arms; and of course weight loss. The Workout starting with the first move, complete each exercise back-to-back without resting. Rest for one to two minutes, then repeat for a total of two or three circuits. Follow this routine two or three days a week, using a 10- to 15-pound kettlebell.

 There are also many videos on www.Collagevideo.com that will give you great at home workouts. Paul Katami is my favorite instructor on that site.

20 minute weight loss Kettebell workout

Try doing this workout 3 times . Set your timers to 50 seconds on 10 seconds off.

  1. kettlebell swing
  2. ront squat
  3. squat clean press rt arm
  4. squat clean press left arm
  5. one arm row
  6. other arm tow
  7. squat overhead tricep extension
  8. alternating arm swing
  9. pushups
  10. elbow plank

 I am getting so much postive feedback from the kettlebell class going on right now.

Kettlebells and sliding discs has been the theme.. and we are killing it.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Check out a quick video from kettle bell class