Weight loss not muscle growth

Weight loss while building muscles

You do it by lifting heavy weights for up to 12 reps and .if you continue to lift 5lb dumbbells your body will get used to it and stop building lean muscle tissue. Sure ,you may burn 300 calories while you are doing the workout, but wouldn’t you rather burn 300 calories during the workout and another 300 after the workout because that is what lifting heavier weights will do.
Your arms and legs will become stronger and sleek and your waist will become smaller too!!! ! Who doesn’t want that? Now don’t get me wrong, body weight is heavy weight, heavier than even an external dumbbell at times depending on the exercise. So weights and body weight are BOTH necessary to build a lean body and sleek arms. We need a variety of both but most definitely you do need to lift heavier weights! So If you started with 3’s move up to 5’s  or if you started with 10’s try 12’s. Just give it a try… I promise this way of training will not disappoint. Of course there will come a point where you cant lift heavier… that is when you switch things up… add super sets,drop sets, pyramids, ladders, etc.   So lets pick up the iron and get strong!!!  
Here is a quick exercise you can do with your dumbbells
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