1My name is Robin Kessler, I am a mother of three, a grandmother of two, and I have been on a weight loss journey for a large part of my adult life. I began to gravitate towards healthy eating and exercise when my daughter (who is now twenty-four) was eighteen months old. Inspired by my mother’s premature death (caused by undiagnosed hypertension), I dedicated myself to a healthy lifestyle. This change in lifestyle caused me to lose weight, and to lose it fast; for a while, my new routine was all I needed to maintain my new healthy figure. However, when I entered menopause, my old ways just weren’t enough to keep my weight down. I ate the same and exercised frequently, but my weight just wasn’t what it had been. I was challenged as I wanted to be well and active not only for myself, but to enjoy and move around with my two young grandsons. I was very inspired by Yvette and her weight loss training classes; her energy and focus on positive thinking helped me push past a lot of troubles I faced in my weight loss. I spent each week looking forward to her classes because I knew I would be coming out sweating, but happier, healthier, and energized. I rarely missed a class and was always upset if I did; in fact, when I came home from a European vacation last Saturday, I was there, jetlagged but excited, in Yvette’s class the next day. The other change that helped me involved my daughter. She and I became interested in Weight Watchers, and together, we started counting points. However, we learned that the program was much more than that. It taught us about portion control, learning to identify when you are full, making better food choices, and truly putting you in control of what goes into your body. With each other to lean on, my daughter and I lost a combined forty pounds, and both feel fantastic. Most importantly, I am feeling lighter, younger and full of energy! I would recommend this combination to anyone who asked; it has been an incredible boost to my energy and mood, and I know that anyone who tried Yvette’s class combined with Weight Watchers would feel just as wonderful as I do.