18397300_sI decided to create a vision board which is very cheap to make and really can bring out some inspiring thoughts and hopefully even help you reach some of the goals listed. It is a tool to focus on specific life goals, or personal short term goals you want to reach. All I used was a poster board, grabbed a pile of magazines, glue and markers and went to town. It was a great project to do with my daughter. My Vision board has a little of everything in it, not just about my Fitness goals but also about personal, family goals. Trips I want to take, things I want to see and do with my family. It was a amazing exercise to complete. It is hard to feel down and sad when your working on a project like this, yes sometimes you dream bigger than you may be able to reach in the short term, but in the long term anything is possible.

What do I even put on a Vision Board?

As I stated earlier sometimes we dream SUPER big, just like I tell all my clients don’t commit to things you know in a weeks time you will fail at, set yourself up for success instead. Same goes for a vision board. Don’t stick a 2 million dollar home on the board and say in a year Ill own this home. That is unrealistic for most and really defeats the purpose of the exercise. Some Yvette Salva Vision Board Tips:
  • Before you start gluing it is time to brainstorm… Make a list of everything in your life that you value. This list needs to be big, don’t have any boundaries when you write, think about it in a way if you could not fail what would you do?
  • This is a time to be super creative, use magazines, online pictures, are you a crafter anyway find other supplies lying around your house, deck this vision board out!
  • This board should be more about things you want, but also about way you want to feel, do you see a quote that every time you see it really puts a smile on your face.. put it on board. Like for me Rev up your life really hits the spot 🙂
  • Don’t glue till your satisfied if you glue to fast you may loss precious real estate for other pictures and words, arrange it all then glue it down.
  • Last but not least remember this is your Vision board not anyone else, so don’t be afraid to put something down because someone might say something. If that happens ask them what their vision is? And challenge them to join you
NOW POST THAT VISION BOARD SOMEWHERE VISIBLE – somewhere you will see it every day! Check out my 2014 Vision board, my big goal is to do 100 videos for all of you!!