5 tips when you fall off wagonAre you struggling to stay focused on your weight loss and fitness goals. Do you find yourself continuously losing then gaining weight back or not losing at all?  I think it may be time to refocus your energy on your goals. Try these 5 tips to get you back on the wagon and seeing the results your looking for

Let’s get down to business.
1 – Eliminate Distractions 
If you’re spending time in other people’s business how much time are you spending on your own?
Consider the hours you’re on Facebook, Social Media, Texts, Emails, etc.
These are all things that take time away from focusing on YOU
2 – Start Your Day in Power 
Carve out 20-40 min every morning to work on your mindset
Journal, Read, Reflect
If you start your day in chaos it will end up in chaos
If you start your day in power you have positive direction and an anchor for your day
3 – E.O.D. Review (end of day) 
– Take 10-15 min EVERY night to journal your day
– How did you execute on your fitness and nutrition?
– What were 3-5 things you did to push your goals further along?
4 – E.O.W. Review (end of week) 
– Did you hit all your nutrition goals for the week?
– Did you hit all your fitness goals for the week?
– Did you journal everyday?
5 – BOOK IT 
    • Make sure you book everything you need in your calendar first
    • Grocery shopping, Food Prep, Workouts, Etc
    • Put YOU 1st
OMG this video says it all: Focus on you. You shouldn’t care about what everybody is doing in their lives, stop checking up on social media to see what parties your friends have been to and who’s with who. Focus on yourself
  • You’re the #1 priority
You read this thats the first step so your dedicated so take the next step and follow these tips and see the difference in a matter of days! Let me help you by being your accountability partners while you journey to a healthier lifestyle. With no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can’t follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream. YSF3 GYM PROVIDES ACCOUNTABILITY AND GREAT WORKOUTS  .. This is been the key to providing our clients with great success. Sign up for 2 weeks Free and lets change your life!