Hey guys… This is going to be a short one.. I was going to write about chasing 2 rabbits… The visual right? well.. if you can visualize that you might see how that doesn’t work… I was also wanting to write about my heart break over the Demi lovato.. but this is about sharing something that can be useful to transform your life. So I want to talk to you all about some things you should NOT be doing.. Because honestly sometimes its more important to not do something. I am alll about reprogramming your mind… you have heard me say it a thousand times… you are what you tell yourself.. you actually will feel exactly what you tell yourself… So I thought hmm.. let me put some of the things I hear alot in a list format so that maybe you might see… hmm… I need to stop doing this NOW.. so I can improve and actually get shit done. Now heads up .. I fall into all these traps too… So I am basically talking to myself too. ūüôā 1) I cant ugh… this is the biggest cop out that you can say to urself… If you can think it . YOU can do it. Whenever there has been a task I felt I couldn’t accomplish… I always think back to what my coach told me… If others cant do it .. why not YOU??? Bottom line if someone did something you feel you cant its just that they wanted it more. This doesn’t mean they are better than you… it just means they wanted it more than you. What I try to do now.. Is to think… do you really really want this? and if the answer is YES.. then go after it and take some actions right this very second to completing it… I am serious .. right now.:) 2) ” I am trying” … this is one I used to say all the time. You either are in the process of doing or you’re not. Because listen and we all know this.. if you are truly trying you are really just in the action of doing. We dont want to emphasize the fact that we are not succeeding.¬†We are either losing weight or not… or trying to find a job… think about it… If you are truly trying.. there are many ways to lose weight and someone is always hiring. touch√© 3) “Ill do it after” omg this is one I hear the most.. You will do it after what? if its in your head do it now. For example someone will tell me.. Yvette I am going to workout today.. I say Text me when its done.. I won’t hear from them all day.. and when I reach out.. they say Ill do it after dinner. What? seriously what are the¬†chances you are going to get on the¬†elliptical or press play on a video after you just ate. Another one that goes with this is… I’ll start when.. Ill start when my kids go back to school Ill start on Monday.. Ill start after my trip.. Ill start after the new year Especially when it comes to food. Saying you will start after is kind of like I have a flat tire on one wheel but I am going to take a pin and bust the other 3 .. then I ll start. Start now… Take one action step to start TODAY! Once¬†you are in it it will be fine.. sure there are going to be bumps in the road but .. there are always going to be bumps in the road. If you are going on a diet.. which I hate that word .. but if you are trying to lose weight.. Guess what..¬†there¬†is always going to be a¬†vacation.. a birthday.. an anniversary… a party. Its life. Honestly I share these with you to remind myself .. and all of you.. that we need to have desire drive and discipline to do the things that are hard. I have found through the years the only way to actually accomplish anything is to physically take an action step to do the task that need to be done. So no more research … just start. Tell me.. What do you need to start doing today?? Declare it.. tell another person.. and lets keep moving the needle forward xo Y