[caption id="attachment_6993" align="alignright" width="300"]red top secret stamp on a white background red top secret stamp on a white background[/caption] I truly am so passionate about helping people and I have people I have trained through the years who have kept off 50 plus pounds and I have people I have trained for years that are on the same merry go round. I really wanted to share with you the commonalities amongst those who have kepis the weight off. There truly is no secret but sometimes hearing it over and over helps. I know until you are really ready to hear it you won’t…. you will always try the quick fix or the fad diet… this is also very common when people start to panic. But my advice for anyone trying a fad diet is DON’T. 95 % OF PEOPLE ON FAD DIETS LOSE WEIGHT TEMPORARILY ONLY TO GAIN IT BACK AND THEN SOME WITHIN 6 MONTHS. And that is a fact. 95 %  people…. so here are the biggest problems I see and how we can fix it.

Here are some of the biggest problems I see:
  • Missing meals – this has to be number one and the most important. NEVER MISS A MEAL. Beyond that, always maintain a nutritional routine. This means that you should eat around the same times each day.
  • Too much fat – processed foods, candies, fried foods, fast food, etc. This world is full of foods that are full of fat and Americans are eating more of it than most other countries. We are not even eating real food. Think about it… a real super market like whole foods is much smaller than a shop rite.. reason being … they have eliminated at least 4 rows of processed foods!!!
  • Too little activity – people are getting less and less activity nowadays. Exercise has to happen … if you want to lose weight. Any diet that says you should not exercise is a HUGE RED FLAG. we need to exercise and we need to do it MOST days of the week. 30 mins… we all have 30 mins.
  • Too little motivation – You have to want it bad enough if you ever expect it to happen.  A lot of overweight people have gotten into a comfort zone and simply do not have enough desire or motivation to take it to the next level. and this is the reason they go to the short term solution of pills and fad diets. We spend more on diets than ever yet we are getting bigger than ever?? hmm..
Weight loss is best achieved by beginning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Until you learn and live by this, you will never see weight loss in the way that you wish.  Fad diets may help you to lose weight initially but you cannot maintain a fad diet for an extended amount of time.
At YSF we are committed to making lifestyle changes… Honestly we all need a coach .. Sometimes accountability… a text that says job well done and a little interaction by someone who understands your struggle makes all the difference. YOU ARE WORTH IT
Feel free to book an appointment with any of our qualified trainers to get you on the path to success.