Going to the gym can be a total drag sometimes. You get off work, you’re tired, and the last thing you want to do is be around sweaty people who are hogging up every single machine that you want to use.
If you have motivation to workout, but don’t necessarily care for being at the gym, then exercising at home may be your best bet.
And this is why…
Saves Money: A gym membership requires you to pay high monthly dues that might not even be worth it. Sure, purchasing equipment for your home workouts may seem like your forking out a lot of money upfront, but just think about how much money you’ll save in the long run. You don’t have to drive anywhere, you don’t have to pay anything monthly and your equipment will always be available to you.
Exercise Efficiency: You can workout whenever your schedule allows you to do so. Considering that your home gym is always open, there’s no reason you can’t workout at 6pm or 3am for that matter. You get the flexibility to choose your schedule, which makes working out at home that much more awesome!
No Intimidation: Being at the gym can cause anxiety, intimidation and self-consciousness – which is NEVER fun! Working out at home can free you of all the pressure and judgment going to the gym can bring.
You don’t have to share equipment: When you have your own equipment at home, you can use it at any time! Not having to wait around for someone to get off of a machine can have its major advantages. You don’t have to sacrifice your time because your equipment will always be available.
Saves time : this is the biggie. If you can roll out of bed and get in 3 rounds of ten in ten and be done with your workout before you even start your day…. you will seriously start your day energized and most probably eat right for the day. It sets your mind up to succeed. You got the most important thing off your to do list… taking care of you…so in turn you can be a better mommy wife friend and worker.
Feeling comfortable while working out is key. You shouldn’t ever have to stress about what time you can exercise or who’s watching. Now go get fit!