I was having a conversation with a client yesterday who is really struggling with weight loss. We had a serious heart to heart .. She was just like… Nothing ever works…

Omg.. can you relate? i sure can… Ok here come the f bombs… Just an advisory warning. if you don’t like cursing please disregard everything I write 🙂
FUCK…I so get you.. and YES I know its hard. But listen anything that is hard is worth fighting for… and secondly the past does not equal the future. Maybe what you tried in the past isn’t working NOW .. because you are older.. you have children.. you have more stresses and less time .. But we can make this work.. its all a mater of changing your beliefs.
I am serious if you believe nothing will work… nothin will. Its backed by science.. whatever you think .. will always come true.
For example… People ask me.. why do you leave your money out and work on the honor system in your bootcamp classes…… because I honestly believe people are good.. good in their heart and truly if anyone needs to be dishonest about $20 than they really need it more than I do. and side note.. not once has anyone not paid.. 🙂
I choose to believe people are good.. So I am open to relationships.. I am open to sharing my experiences.. and I trust ….
But hey fuck me over and its done 🙂 just sayin…
Now back to diet..
All diets work. PERIOD! If you are at a calorie deficit they work. Have you ever seen survivor and have a person NOT lose weight. NO Have you ever tuned into the biggest loser and have a person NOT lose weight… NO It works… but you need to believe it works. and secondly you need to be consistent. The problem most people encounter is they quit before the miracle happens.
consistently …..inconsistent.  AH….. good one right?  Yup they start strong…
  • Monday woo hoo… I am ready.. lets go I got this..I am tracking today and I am food prepped
  • Tues .. Come on.. keep it going day two. Getting to the gym early
  • wed.. Hmm.. starting to get bored with this but come on . Ill just sleep in a little today
  • Thursday.. I am tired.. Ive been really good this week.. I can have a treat. ( maybe just half a bagel)
  • Friday… oh man.. I can’t be rude.. just a few drinks I mean its so and so’s birthday ..plus I can’t go walking today its raining
  • sat.. ugh.. I am tired of this food prep bull shit.. lets go to lunch
  • Sunday… ugh Ill start Monday.. doesn’t that sound so friggin familiar?????
Yup and so round and round we go. What I hope this shows you is that EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERYBODY  goes through this .. we are human beings and humans do not like change.. we will fight it with everything we got. So how do you get out of this.. First you DECIDE. and then you take IMMEDIATE ACTION… Hire that trainer.. nutrition coach … cough cough ME:) go to that therapist .. call the dr.. something but just take action.
Then If you want to know what I do.. I set up rules. rules to my life that are NON NEGOTIABLE! Rules that toughen me up and make me do what I set out to do .. rules that give me integrity to MYSELF.. Wanna hear them? ok but don’t judge me .. they are my rules .


  1. Move every day ..non negotiable.. motion creates emotion.. so If I want to feel better I must MOVE
  2. Drink a glass of water every morning with my vitamins.
  3. Get up early… 5am... my alone time sets me up for the day. this is when I journal .. read positive stuff NO NEWS
  5. Food prep twice a week… I cannot wing this!
  6. When at the gym.. put on your music and leave your phone in your bag.. my headphones are blue tooth so I dont get distracted.. do not change the music even if you dont like a song.. its about being present. trust me I put on youtube 80s hits.. and freebird came on I almost died.. 7 mins of Free bird..!!!!!!  yup… but in my head I say….  don’t even think of changing that mother fucker…PUSH THOUGH!!!!
  7. I don’t go where there is alcohol. PERIOD! If its a family wedding maybe.. but staying sober is my priority and I dont jeopardize it ..PRIORITIES!!!!!.
  8. Send a text everyday to someone .. usually many more. I hope I have texted you.. but I always feel good when I can make others feel good.
  9. Try and look your best. when you look good you feel good. This is definitely something I struggle with. I really dont like make up fashion etc. up to me.. I am in  huge sweats  with my glasses on and hair in a bun …  but I try to present myself the best way possible ..
So thats it .. rules are rules and when you have the right ones in place you set yourself up for success.
If you have any you would like to share with me let me know. Do you need to start making up some new rules  for your life. do it.. Rules give you freedom .. truly they do! Share with me… I love when you guys email me back if you can identify!