• What if I’m to fat to ever loss all the weight?
  • What if I don’t have the will power to loss the weight?
  • What if I fail again?
  • What did Yvette Salva overcome?

    When I first started to recover from my own personal addictions of drug food and alcohol I thought exactly the same. After 20 years of bulimia and a lifetime of disordered eating I was totally convinced that full recovery just wasn’t an option for me. I Figured if I recovered from alcohol and drugs ….that’s good enough. Not only did I believe I was too weak to recover, I also thought that my behaviors were so severe and so deeply ingrained that nothing could ever change them. I couldn’t deny the fact that people around me were recovering but still I was convinced that I was different.

    Yvette Salva Lost Battles But Won the War… So Can you!

    Stay committed to healthy lifestyleSound familiar? If so, this is where your logic needs to come into play.. If there is something that makes you believe you are not strong enough to lose the weight or stay committed to a healthier lifestyle, today is the day to stand up to those fears and make a small change today. Strength is something that builds gradually and grows over time. Don’t take on the mountain right away start with a small hill and work your way up. RIGHT NOW TODAY… Choose to STAY COMMITTED to one thing that you have failed on in the past. Is it drinking 8 glasses of water a day, staying away from the local ice cream shop or is it exercising for 20 minutes a day. Choose one thing to start with and stay committed to it for a week, then two weeks, and soon you will find it is not a chore but rather a habit that you have to do every day! At Yvette Salva Fitness myself and my trainers pride ourselves an ongoing support! I truly believe that is what differentiates us from the rest! We CARE and we want you to succeed. We will do everything in our power to help you along the way be it with weight-loss, gaining strength, working out and just about any lifestyle change that is going to make a healthier and better you! So if you’re interested in getting started in a lifestyle change be it through online training or personal training at my studio please feel free to email us anytime we are here to help.