7189691_sSome people its like clock work every night they find themselves walking into the kitchen over and over looking for more food to eat. Maybe your hungry but there are other times its all in your mind. The first step to conquer your night time binging habits is to figure out which is it: body binge or a mind binge.

The Body Binge Version of Night Time Binging

This happens if you deprive your body of the calories it needs to get through the day. Your body is not getting the right amount of food it needs to match the energy it is expending. So think about this during the day if your fasting, on a restrictive diet or over exercising. The Mind Binge Version of Night TIme Binging If you start doing this binging because of your body needing calories, it soon becomes a habit and your mind will take over. You will eventually start eating because of emotional or stressful events or situations, which is mind binging. Once you become accustom with eating to feel better it is a tough habit to break.

SO how do I stop Binge eating…

First you need to target why your binge eating, is it because your not eating healthy or because you are emotionally eating? Whatever your cause is try to follow some of these helpful tips and hopefully you will move out of your current habits into new habits. 1. Figure out what triggers your patterns Look at what may be triggering your binging habits. If you are able to recognize what causes the binging you will be able to change it. If you eat because your bored, find htings that will keep you busy. If you eat because you skip meals during day and body is in need of food in evening, make sure to pack a lunch or stop during the busy day to eat. 2. If the routine of your evening is problem change it Sometimes its just what we do every night that leads to eating to much. If you find yourself eating all the time when you sit in front of the TV, change it up go for a walk, or play a board game instead of taking part in a habit that causes you to binge eat. 3. Don’t Skip Breakfast Starting your day with a balanced breakfast can prevent binge eating in the evening. Getting in a habit of eating breakfast before starting your day will help your body feel better longer, and increase the calorie intake during the day. 4. Find something other than food to manage stress I know many of us have the urge to use food as a way to manage stress, when bad things happen at work, argument with spouse or family member, bills or other stressful things happen we all want to jump to food to fix our problem. But there are many other healthier things you can do to manage your stress.  Do a quick 20 minute cardio HIIT workout, go for a walk, do yoga or relaxation exercises. Maybe you feel better when you listen to music, put some head phones in and sit back and relax, just stay out of the fridge! If you have other great Binge eating suggestions comment to post to share with other readers.