So thats it plain and simple… For me personally staying the same sucks. Why ?????because it takes absolutely no effort.. therefore guess what no growth.
Worst case scenario you roll the dice  and you get average…. so why settle for average… shoot for the stars baby…
when you are average …… there is no growth …  and as human beings…. .. we shrivel up.. we get comfortable… we become mediocre.
bottom line….
Average sucks..
Im allergic to average..
When I am average I feel like I am slowly dying!!!!!
I tell you this because I help hundreds of women a year achieve their weight loss goals… I coach them and there is always one common denominator that shows me if they will succeed.
Want to know what it is?
Their mental game. Every single time… Their mental game!!!!!!!
They are immersed… 100%
They dont give up when life hits them HARD!!
They dont come up with excuses…
They are in it.. CONSISTENTLY
If they are off their game … they get back up the very next day and push …Sometimes even the very next hour.
Because guess what.?????weight loss.. getting in shape.. its really hard shit. I am serious. What used to be easy at 30 is a whole different animal at 40 and 50 and if you think you can just cut back a little and lose weight .. ha!! highly unlikely!!!!
SO WHY DO I TELL YOU THIS?  Because I Want us all to grow and push hard for something.
Why???? because when we grow outside of our box we feel ALIVE!!!!
Man….. I am approaching 50 and I am starting to hear alot about cardiac disease .. high blood pressure meds…  early dementia…death… all of that..
I do not want that… and the truth is .. its coming .. unless you are doing something actively to prevent it.
Thats why I am so focused on getting out of my normal and do different stuff… why be scared.. why have regrets.. why not get whatever it is you want out of this life….. now!!!!!!
So my friends if you want to change your life you have to change your MIND. and then you have to take one action step towards it. Seriously just jump in and do it. and put it on the calendar…. if its not on the calendar its very unlikely to be a full commitment
Ill tell you a  story… I really wanted to get certified in strong by zumba … I saw an ad on fb and I was like wow.. this is totally up my alley…. Kickboxing.. plyometrics.. pushups.. hard core stuff!!!!!
So I went to the site and looked to see when  I could go to the training to get certified.
then the excuses started to come in.. Tell me if these sound familiar?
oh that date is not a good time
oh thats expensive..
oh where is corona queens..
oh… I don’t know how to get there
oh wow.. thats a long day
oh man … looks like there are going to be all “young” instructors
oh man.. what If i go and I don’t even like it..
You hear that.. those are the voices that stop us from achieving greatness.. see.. we all have them. But you just have to jump in and try stuff.. if not you will never know,
So I literally had to NOT listen to the voices and just book it… and guess what??????.. I absolutely loved loved loved it.. and I am so grateful for the experience!
My whole point is if you want a different life…. you have to do different things.And you most definitely have to forget the nay sayers and the voices that are holding you back and just press play!!!!!
So what are you thinking about doing .. yet that voice is telling you to hold off.
Going back to school? writing a book? doing a fitness show? losing 30 pounds? WHAT?????
Tell me… and get to it…
One day there will be no more days to do it!!!!!