7 Awesome Ideas To Stay Motivated with Your Fitness, When You're Just Not.Motivated – What is that? As a trainer for over 20 years, I find this to be an issue so many of us battle with. So many of us… start our exercise and diet programs on a Monday … we have our  food journals ready to go, our gym bags packed and are ready to make a change..We have had enough.!!. But what happens for many,  is that  after a while we start to get complacent. We figure we can just have one cheat meal here and there, skip the gym just this once and before you know it you are right back to where you started. UGGGHHHH!  Here are some tips that may help you get started and stay started. 1 – Two’s company.  It is always easier to embark on a new diet or exercise program with a friend or family member than by going it alone.  This way you can encourage each other and it will give you someone to turn to who is in a similar position as yourself.  You will not be as tempted to cheat and are therefore a lot more likely to succeed. Almost all my clients train in pairs or even threes and have been doing so for a long long time. Its a great way to spend time with someone you care about while doing something healthy. 2 – Have a day off or ´treat´day every week. Most people fail at diets because they deny themselves the foods they really like, but it doesn´t have to be like that.  It’s important to have a little of what you like in moderation so if you give yourself a meal off at the weekend for example, it means you can still go out and enjoy a restaurant meal or a couple of drinks with friends.  You are more likely to keep on track if you know you  have something to look forward to after all your hard work during the rest of the week.  The key is to get right back to the program.. right back!! 3 – Mix it up. If you are easily bored when trying to keep fit, try out different methods until you find things which you enjoy so that you don’t lose motivation and give up.  After a few weeks of doing the same thing your body will also get used to one particular way of exercising, so by adding variety you will not only see results but you may also discover a new hobby which you will be able to incorporate into your life on a long-term basis.  For example if you love weight training but hate cardio… get off the elliptical and try a kickboxing, zumba or step class. 4 – Weigh yourself once a week.. not once a day.. . Many people believe that by weighing themselves regularly they will get an accurate idea about how fit and healthy they are becoming.  It is important to remember that once you are exercising regularly you may be gaining muscle and losing fat so you might end up weighing more than you did originally.  The initial weight you lose at the start of a diet is often water … so bear this in mind.  I personally   find that by taking measurements in addtion to a once a week weigh in you can get a great feel of where you are at.  Your clothes will start to feel better and your clothes do not lie…   For this reason a tape measure or simply using your clothes as a guideline is another great way of tracking  your progress. I am not saying don’t weigh yourself but for those who get obsessive a tape measure is  a great tool as well 5 – Incorporate exercise into your daily life. If you don’t have a lot of time to work out or you don’t want to see it as a chore, why not try to make the most of the time you have in other ways.  If you previously drove everywhere (even those short trips to your local shop, bar or restaurant), why not start walking instead, or taking the stairs instead of the lift whenever the opportunity arises.  Examples of how you could do this could even be as simple as parking a little further away from the entrance when going to the supermarket, or walking to a friend’s house rather than ringing them on the phone for a chat. Getting a pedometer is an inexpensive way of keeping track of how many steps you are taking on a daily basis and by recording the results, you will be able to make improvements easily. This cannot of course substitute for an organized exercise regime but the more you move the more you lose. 6 – Keep a food diary, and exercise journal If weight loss is your goal this is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. In my experience those who follow through on this one always lose!!!  I know its hard but trust me its so worth it. A food journal  will  help you to become more conscious about what you are putting into your body and may even prevent you from overeating or from eating or drinking the wrong things. Once your food is  written in black and white in front of you there is a likelihood that you may think twice about eating that second slice of cake! Most of my clients are resistant to this.. I am not sure why because all of those who do get results. As you go through your journaling you will see where you can make adjustments. Maybe this week you need to lower your daily calorie count, or maybe you need to drink more water… the thing is you won’t know what action steps to take take if you have nothing to compare it to. 7-Get support. This is also a crucial thing.. If you have someone who can help you along the way and guide you thru the troubled times you are much more likely to succeed. Hiring a trainer, attending weight watchers meetings, joining a running club.. anything where you have someone you can be accountable to.. this will keep you honest and help keep you on track. So many of my clients just shoot me a quick text to let me know they did their workouts or what they ate that day. It keeps them honest and on track! I hope these tips help and if you are feeling in a funk right now remember you are the only one who has the power to change it. Start today with a small action step and you will get the ball rolling again!!!  

So where do You Start?

Start here with this quick 5 minute body weight workout. It is time to stop saying I will start tomorrow.

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