staceyIn December of 2014, my self-esteem was at zero. I was 49 years old, 240lbs, out of shape and all I wanted to do was hide. I didn’t socialize much. I absolutely despised having my picture taken. Food was my best friend and my worst enemy. I had tried every “diet” imaginable. But nothing worked. I was and still am a Food Addict. Food addiction is, in my opinion, the most difficult addiction and the least understood. All my life I have been told, “just stop eating so much.” Really, it’s that easy. Who knew? I saw an ad for a Beginners Exercise class offered by Yvette’s studio. I signed up and my life changed. When the class ended, I began Personal Training once a week with Laverne White. She encourages me. She talks to me about my relationship with food. Full disclosure, I suffer from clinical depression. Episodes of it are inevitable, debilitating and painful. I admit that medication helps but I also need to “fight” to pull myself out of it. One of the only things that made me feel “good” about myself was training with Laverne. So I started working with her 2x/week. She helped me get past a very dark time. img_0253I was getting stronger both emotionally and physically. But the “food thing” was still hanging on. I finally decided to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Some people in my life, including my siblings and mother, were against it. Even some of my friends told me that surgery was the “easy way out.” But Laverne was actually proud of me for making the decision to get healthy once and for all. I had to see a nutritionist for 6 months prior to surgery. During that time, Laverne worked with me to get me healthier so recovery from the surgery would be easier. img_0224I had my surgery last April. As soon as I was given clearance to exercise, I began training again. Having the surgery completely changed my life. I am a different person. I am friendlier, more outgoing and don’t hide anymore. Surgery is not a “cop out” especially when dealing with serious medical issues. The Gastric sleeve is a tool toward health. My food addiction is still here taunting me. I still have to make healthy food choices. The “jump start” the sleeve has given me makes it easier to make those choices. Combining Personal training and a healthier lifestyle has been the key to my success. I will continue to work hard to reach my goal and once reached, I will make a new goal and so on and so on….
Stacey, You inspire me in so many ways!  I remember how challenging things were in the beginning but you NEVER gave up, even during the difficult times!  We had many conversations about food challenges and your goals on a regular basis, you always showed up ready for every workout!  The day you told me you spoke with your doctor about doing the surgery we began planning small achievable goals for you to have a successful procedure.   YOU put in the work and stayed committed!   I knew you would do everything required to have a healthy life and future! I’m so happy to share your story with the world, so many people will be inspired!  I am beyond proud of you!
“Never stop working on your mind and body, they are your masterpiece!”
– LaVerne
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