The number one thing you can do to help with your weight-loss goals is to keep an eye on how much you eat.??? I know you say, “YVETTE, BUT IM HUNGRY!” Me too… it sucks but it’s just the truth? Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it but it can get tricky …. Say for example you had an hour of a hard-core workout this morning wouldn’t this justify that large stack of protein pancakes for breakfast or the extra helping of pasta dinner?? I mean you earned it right? Not so fast. Portion control is the most important factor when it comes to dropping a few pounds and keeping them off! Not to get to scientific but you have to consider energy output versus energy input…. basically just a fancy term for calories in versus calories out? You might be doing a great job increasing your calorie burn at the gym but that doesn’t mean you can overindulge when the workout is over and that is just the facts jack ? Not only does that go for cheat foods like french fries and sweets but also for otherwise healthy foods like fish, Greek yogurt and nuts. Nuts right? See how I did that?? So funny. Any-who….. Bottom line is too much of almost anything can interfere with your ability to maintain a healthy weight well everything except water ? damn water!!!! Also overdoing it with one macronutrient be it carbs fat and YES protein will also sabotage your efforts. Of course it’s nice to reward yourself after you’ve worked hard. It just means the need to balance these added calories with the rest of your diet . If you really need the mocha latte post workout then be more mindful of what you’re eating throughout the rest of the day. I like to tell my clients that portion sizes can Best be determined with the palms of your hands… so size does matter wink wink?

  • A palm size amount of lean protein like chicken or fish is one serving
  • A fist size amount of carbs such as rice pasta quinoa potato etc. is one serving
  • One fist for fruits or veggies is a serving
  • one or two thumb size amounts of fat like salad dressing peanut butter or mayo is a serving
Stick with these guidelines and you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes to successful long-term weight control, If you control your portions you will inevitably be controlling calories which ultimately is going to make the difference. So peace out my friends and give yourself a high-five and don’t forget fists palms and thumbs? OK I also wanted to fill you in on a couple of other things you can use to keep your calories in check, the following devices heighten your sense of serving size.


This is a dishware that features elegant designs and patterns the double his portion guide so you can determine just how much of each food group should be plated $60 for a four piece set of dishes

JoKari pasta basket

Collapsible silicone healthy steps pasta baskets measure cook and strain the ideal amount of pasta so you can track portion size not calories $23 for a set of four this can be found at

Hapifork utensil

If you want to be satisfied with eating less slow down. Happy forecast the number by to take while eating and then alert you when you’re shoveling in your dinner too quickly. $123

Stack wine glasses

Portion size counts when you’re in alcohol mode as well Single servings Jacquline to buy the traditional bottle into for individual sealed perfectly size glasses of California wines including Cabernet Chardonnay Pinot Grigio etc. $13 for four 187 mL glasses