So you’re looking to lose weight for good… but you’ve tried everything and you have the knowledge ….you know you should cut your calories and exercise more but it’s just not working …UGH ????let me give you some specific advice to permanently peel away those pounds! Here are some of the strategies that are pretty easy to implement and will help you reach your goal … I have used them for years with most of my clients  and they truly do work ?

  1. Weight training is absolutely a must  for weight loss: Muscle is metabolically active tissue …meaning it burns off loads of calories all day long even when you’re at rest. And who doesn’t want that?  Studies have shown that intense moderately heavy lifting has the greatest effect on keeping metabolism elevated… this is because of EPOC .. A fancy term for excess post exercise oxygen consumption. Basically it means that for 12 hours after you work out your metabolism will be higher .. which in turn will help you lose weight BOOM
  2. Cardio: Burning more calories is half the fat loss equation… The other half is to consume fewer calories. Cardio is one way to increase this caloric deficit. But remember not all cardio is created equal… I find the most effective cardio to be HIIT! Intense periods of short bouts of maximal cardio activity for about 30  to 50 seconds followed by active recovery. This cardio style can be done using exercise equipment or using weights and or body weight …the best part is that it’s short !!!you can get a great workout in 20 to 30 minutes ??
  3. Prepare and cook your own food: I’m sure you’ve heard this one before… But frequently eating food prepared at restaurant is associated with obesity. Today Americans eat out almost twice as often as they did 30 years ago the extra calories can add up fast with larger portions… Unlimited drink refills… And tempting desserts. i’m sure you’ve heard this all before… The Best advice I can give you is to prepare and cook your food on a Sunday and have everything ready to go for the week.
  4. Cut your carb intake and substitute veggies for grains at least twice per day: This is a big one… Carbohydrate rich foods may not pack as many calories as dietary fat but effect on Insulin levels is huge. I am really learning about this now in my nutrition certification…. but basically when you eat carbs your insulin levels rise …higher insulin levels lead to more body fat storage ughAnd of course we all need carbs for fuel ….the key is choosing foods which don’t drive up your insulin levels like complex carbs… These take longer to digest then simple sugars. Good choices would include sweet potatoes …beans …lentils legumes…brown rice …oatmeal and quinoa. Avoid sugary desserts …cereal crackers and cookies… this is a big one people don’t realize that vegetables and fruit are carbs as are  cookies and crackers… we know which ones we need to eat? If you’re looking to get lean …. cut your carbs. You can do this through my fitness pal or a food journal or just by simply substituting non-starchy veggies each day in place of starchy food… For example broccoli instead of baked potatoes or a salad with lo cal  dressing instead of mashed potatoes or eat your grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. Non starchy veggies help fill you up with adding minimal calories
  5. Exchange Water for juices soda and alcoholic beverages: Liquids don’t make you feel full so loading up on sugary drinks is a deal breaker for weight loss! If you’re craving that sugary drink maybe add some fruit into your water. Alcohol can also stall  your fat burning..  remember alcohol turns into sugar in your body which can derail  you from your weight-loss goal
  6. Lastly be careful about your cheat meals: I hear a lot of my clients adding cheat meals to their program… This is great if it’s a well-planned and it Fits into your caloric requirement. Just don’t let your cheat meal become a cheat day or even worse a cheat weekend. Absolutely better off sprinkling in occasional cheat  foods during the week then going all out on Saturdays and Sundays.. this one is a slippery slope for sure?
Hope these  strategies help you on your way to successful weight loss.  If you need more support or want nutrition or personal training from me or one of my trainers contact us today!