hey guys….

Today I want to talk about a subject that is so simple its actually crazy… simplicity. Simplicity for me has truly been the game changer in my personal and professional life. Simplicity … think about that for a moment. With all the craziness thrown out at us on the daily …… I feel like wa are all running in circles. Those who truly will be successful these days are those who can simplify and stay committed tho that! Just look at dieting these days.. look over here try paleo.. over here keto… no no come over here weight watchers.. no no whole 30… Just typing that makes me a little nervous.. Its like oh.. look over here at this new shiny object.. this might work better.. than you are looking researching.. trying 4 different things not sticking to anything and you are back to square one. There is so much knowledge out there on nutrition.. its not a lack of knowledge that is making out country obese… its a matter of execution So how do we execute.. we simplify and stay consistent.. thats it! simplicity and constancy will win every single time! think about it ALL diets work.. if you are consistent. Weather sits hi fat low carb.. hi protein.. if you are in a caloric deficit over time you will lose weight period. Can you give me an example Yvette? Sure.. here are the must have’s to weight loss.. and I tell this to every single one of my clients.. 1. track.. NON negotiable especially at the beginning… You cannot change what you cannot measure.. thanks tony robbins.. can i get a YES YES!!!! 2. eat whole foods at about 1200 calories 3. exercise 30-60 mins MINIMUM 5 days a week. including both strength and cardio at a hi intensity. And like my coach said to me.. Yvette if you are not doing these.. you like the idea of something but you are truly not committed to it! You might like the idea of losing weight but are you committed? You might like the idea of getting fit.. but are you committed?. You might like the idea of getting your finances in order but are you committed? That is it…… simple.. but not easy. I get it.. I have had to make many changes to live in this philosophy of simplicity .. When I first stared out in the fitness industry I was a master of all trades. Yoga pilates kickboxing strength training..and to this day I love it all. But honestly I had to figure out what I wanted to focus on.. SIMPLICITY and be great at that one thing. For me what works best is the simplicity of PERSONAL training. One client/group  .. one goal.. one great experience. Thats it. I shoot for that everyday! I love the quote .. TO BE SIMPLE IS TO BE GREAT .. by Ralph Waldo So now I ask you.. What are the simple things you could do on a weekly basis that would work for you? Maybe its food prep Maybe its creating a calendar system to record your workouts Maybe its setting your alarm one hour earlier so you can work on YOU Maybe you need to find a way to track that works for youall of these things are great action steps.. let me know what you choose.