YSFgotproteinOne of the questions I get asked off the most is how much protein should I be consuming on a daily basis ? How much whey protein a women should take depends on several factors. Many women shy away from supplementing with whey protein over concerns it will bulk them up. However, whey protein is an excellent source of protein and can aid in weight loss. What most people don’t realize is that protein helps in making the body feel satisfied and full. Whey  protein will not add bulk to women. This is because women do not have the hormones that encourage the growth of large, padded muscles like men. Whey protein will aid women in getting an overall toned look rather than rippling muscles. So how much protein should I take? I have found through my years helping people with their diets most  women don’t get enough protein in their diet. However, when supplementing with whey protein you don’t want to consume too much protein either. By consuming too much, your liver and kidneys will need to work harder to process out additional nutrients that the body cannot use up. So the key factor Depends on how active a woman is and how much they weigh. A woman can supplement safely with whey protein. I usually recommend  women to take one scoop, equal to about 20 to 25 grams of protein, once or twice a day. The best time to take whey protein for women is before, during and/or after a workout. For those who exercise sparingly and are using whey protein for weight loss, whey protein has shown to work best when taken in the morning. Does whey protein really help with weight loss? The answer a yes if used correctly and within your daily caloric allowance . Women who supplement with whey protein and exercise consistently tend to have more lean muscle and less body fat. They also have an increase in their metabolism and burn more calories per day than those who don’t supplement or exercise. THE KEY HERE IS TWO FOLD …..EXERCISE AND DIET!!! Whey protein also aids in helping to keep hunger pangs down for individuals who use it for weight loss. Not only does it help create a feeling of fullness, but it also helps keep cravings down and promotes a feeling of satiety. I know that I take it daily and it has done wonders for me personally. Do women need extra protein in their diets? It depends .. You can definitely get enough protein through foods … But if you are not getting enough there are some very evident signs such as:

  • osteoporosis
  • edema
  • slow metabolism
  • obesity
  • thinning of the hair
  • fragile fingernails and toenails
  • Also, those women who do not get enough protein in their diet tend to feel more tired and in some cases eat more calories in high carbohydrate foods to compensate for this lack of energy.
There are so many benefits to supplementing  your diet w just one or two scoops a day. For starters You can increase the amount of protein you consume without the extra fat and carbohydrates that sometimes come along with incorporated it with food. Whey protein is easy to digest and makes a great post workout snack or meal in liquid form. It also has been proven to reduce body fat in women and also bring down cholesterol levels. The essential amino acids in whey protein, such as leucine, can help keep lean muscle, but does so while still promoting fat reduction. A definite toe for one special!!!! Glutathione, which is a key antioxidant, is increased with whey protein supplementation. This antioxidant is essential in keeping your immune system healthy.  Because of this, whey protein promotes a healthy immune system. Whey protein is not a drug, but rather a dietary supplement. It’s considered a food and is a natural byproduct of cheese. Because of whey protein’s high content of essential amino acids and protein, women will build more muscle, which leads to a faster metabolism. I hope I addressed any and or all your questions about protein! There are so many great brands and flavors to choose from. Find something you like and stick with it !! And Remember if whey does not work for you there is casein,pea,hemp etc … Something for everyone!