1111It is this simple if it is important to you then you will find a way. If it is not important to you then you will find an excuse to quit or stop. Just don’t do that! The excuse your to busy, long hours at work, have to take care of the kids.  None of them are good enough to not workout. Instead of saying I should eat better as you eat that 4th slice of pizza say I must eat better. If you’re ready to say goodbye to excuses and hello to really seeing results and feeling the difference. Use these 3 helpful motivational tips to transition  you into a healthier life style of both exercise and clean eating.

  1. Eat food that’s real – So simply put processed foods ditch it. Pretty much think of it this way… if it runs, swims, flies, or grows from ground eat it. If it comes from a bag or a box then throw it out. So start now don’t wait till MONDAY any day of the week is a great day to start.
  2. Love What you Got – Don’t try to be something you’re not. Own your flaws and your body love it… You only get one so take care of it, some of us have bigger butts, larger stomaches, wider shoulders. Think about it the things you hate about your body is probably something someone else would love to have that problem. Enjoy what you have improve it and own it but don’t disregard it and become depressed because you don’t have that walking billboard body, because here is the big secret most of those images are photo shopped. Love yourself for who you are, and the results you see will be amazing!
  3. Set small and large goals – Don’t just set a goal for 6 months from now. We often become tunnel versioned on that larger goal that we can’t seem to reach. If you set goals and have smaller 1 week 2 week 1 month goals as well and something to measure on each date either your measurements, your number of pushup reps, your weight whatever it is if you have something to strive for the motivation to get off the couch to make it happen is that much larger. Even give yourself a reward for hitting them. If you lose 5 pounds in a month go buy a new shirt.
In conclusion to put these three simple tips together: If you are not eating right then the workouts will be counterintuitive you will either stay the same or be fighting off going the other direction. If you don’t exercise or eat right you may find yourself fatter, weaker, and more depressed in a short amount of time. It is that simple saying when you look in the mirror and say damn I wish I would have started eating and exercising regularly the first time I thought I was overweight. Don’t let that be you! Start today. I offer great free workouts here on the blog as well as motivation and other short workouts on my facebook page. Be sure to subscribe to blog to stay up to date on all the great tips and tricks to get in the best shape of your life. Contact me if you need any support I am here to help. yvettesalvafitness@gmail.com.