Ok… I hear you… I absolutely do.. I hear this all day as a matter of fact!!! But let me tell you… Honestly there is a reason you are not losing weight… I am going to be 100 with you …..it all comes down to doing the same things over and over and over.. What I see happen is mostly we get bored.. can’t stick to the regimen or here”s the biggie start making small choices .. that really seem like nothing but are keeping you from attinaing your goals. You know what I am talking about.. I wore about it last month. Not going to the gym because you’re feeling a little tired and you have your new netflix show…. eating out a little more often.. I mean come on you work full time a woman needs a break .. or oh yeah.. whats one glass of wine.. Little choices right?? So if you’re feeling like giving up… don’t .. take a look at the following list and maybe you can see where things might be going wrong. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you eating three full meals per day? If you’re not start.. this is huge!!!!
  • How much are you snacking? You might need to cut back
  • Are you eating enough protein and fat? slower digesting foods and keep you full longer
  • Are you adding too much fruit, and/or too many potatoes? careful starch and sugars..
  • Are you eating first thing in the morning? we need to kick start our metabolism
  • Are you preparing your food, or eating every meal out? You can’t ever guesstimate calories when eating out
  • Are you having too many cheats? yup that extra chicken nugget off your kids plate
  • Are you drinking alcohol multiple times per week? hitting the wine to relax
  • Do you have anyone keeping you accountable? Um .. how bout me??
Lets talk carbs… Carbs are key, especially when you’ve got weight to lose. Remember Carbs turn into sugar into our body.. and if we have excess sugar that is not being used up …… it gets stored as fat! So how many grams of carbs should I be eating… I usually tell my clients to Try reducing their carb intake to 70-100 grams per day to reduce insulin production and fire up their fat metabolism, remember to avoid all processed foods (which contain hidden sugars). You might also try skipping fruit. Be sure you’re not eating starchy natural carbs (like sweet potatoes) more than 3+ nights per week. This is ok if you are extremely active and not shooting for weight loss. Make sure that you’re eating enough protein for your weight (I suggest using .7 to 1.0 depending on your fitness level and goals.. eating the right vegetables and snacking on high-fat foods to keep you feeling satisfied. Eat Enough of the Good Stuff If you have been off and on diets since 1985.. stop it.. we need to repair your metabolism . This is NOT the time to reduce portion sizes, count calories, revert back to the “low-fat” paradigm, and start micro-managing your choices. And please no soup diets, cleanses or cabbage diets. Remember, the goal is to master your diet, not lose weight as quickly as possible. This is not just another diet, it is a new way of life, and it’s a worthwhile investment. if you are trying to get off the hamster wheel your sole focus should be on adding more veggie fat and protein and LESS starches and sugar . At a baseline you should be eating three healthy meals per day, every day. Period. Cut Back on Snacks If you’re eating three full meals and two snacks a day, and not losing weight, then it’s time to cut back to one snack. I recommend cutting between breakfast and lunch, as the midday snack between lunch and dinner can be a nice pick-me-up. Low-carb isn’t magic. It reins in wild hunger and tames insulin, but calories do still matter – especially once you approach your ideal weight. In fact, those last few pounds often don’t respond to the same stuff that worked so well to get you to this point. Eating nut butter by the spoonful and hunks of cheese without regard for caloric content may will definitely catch up to you. Walk More Are you moving frequently for three to five hours every week? Not only are walks lifesavers during times of cravings, but they are essential to a healthy lifestyle. We are designed to walk. Our bodies crave it. Walking daily should be the bedrock of your fitness regimen–whether you’re a seasoned cross-fitter or just starting out. And if you want to take it up a level strap on your fit bit and hit those 10,000 steps daily!!!! Be Patient Some people get instant results from dropping carbs, grains, sugar, and vegetable oils, while others have to take a month to get acclimated and only then does the weight begin to slide off. Either way, this is a lifestyle. You’re in it for the long run. I know I say this like all the friggin time.. but a year is going to go by … you will either be saying ..MAN I am so glad I started .. I feel amazing and have so much energy.. or you will be further down the whole. Feel amazing you are worth it!!!