So today I decided I am going to kill it… meaning my legs.. I Kid you not.. there are leg workouts and then there are leg workouts.. for this one I had to seriously dial into my psyche to finish.Not sure why that was.. I guess some days are like that.. and here is the kicker I did it at 7 PM.
See for me.. I workout in the morn.. as you most know..I’m a big fan of taking care of “you” FIRST… so there are less chances to get derailed.. but on this specific day.. you know I played.. …….. I will do it later game. just a heads up this game friggin sucks!!!!
Let me tell you what that game did to me personally..
1. it killed my mood all day because I knew I had something really hard to do  “later”
2. I KEPT procrastinating.. after lunch.. after dinner.. after the kids folders blah blah blah
3. It actually put me in a state of depression for the day… for example when I got home from work I got into my night time attire… sweats.. pony tail and glasses.. still knowing I had to do this one thing
4. My eating choices sucked… seriously … I ate like 6 tablespoons of peanut butter with my apple
5. I just felt off..
Has this ever happened to you?
have you ever felt like shit because you actually KNOW you are screwing yourself over?
Have you ever just wanted to shut out the world at 4pm... because you didn’t follow through on your word?
See… as a trainer.. everyone thinks ..I am always ON.. but that is not it at all.
I have to program myself to be ON .. because If not what happened that day.. becomes easily 2 days and then 2 months  and then 2 years.. and then you’re like FUCK… who the hell am I? and whats this extra layer doing on my body.. .YIKES!!!!!!
Like I always say its.. never just one thing… its a snow fall.. very very slow…Anyways what I want to share with you is how I was able to get my workout in and follow through. .and go to bed feeling like a champion because that is what I want you to be able to do if you are feeling like that.

1. i put an alarm on my phone.. 7pm you are starting no matter what.. if you are not feeling it after 20 mins you can stop
2. I told my daughter.. “hey maryrose.. you know how I said I would do that hard leg workout today.. well guess what I didn’t do it.. thats not your momma… I am going to follow through on my word to myself and make it happen”

(this shows her … in order to be successful you have to do things you dont feel like doing.. so double whammy we both get the lesson)
3.I brushed my teeth … this is my on ritual in the morn… then go workout.. so its setting my brain and my body for the work to come..
4. put in my headphones and got in a great play list. oh and of course my hoodie .. thats when the shit gets real 🙂
5. marked if off my to do list.. ah this is the best pleasure of them all… In my sharpie of course
6. then did it! one hour of the very hardest leg workout ever!!!No excuses ….just solutions!!!!! hello.. this needs to be on a shirt.. ok.. stop derailing yvette…
So now think to yourself… hmm.. maybe I need to get a plan so that I can follow through on my word! I know one thing.. writing out this blog and telling you all this story shows me.. that that was alot of wasted energy spent on avoiding the very thing I needed to do. Great lesson… do what needs to get done first.. so you can enjoy the rest of your day knowing you kept your promise to yourself!!!
Is there anything lately that you have been avoiding
Share it with me… it will help clear things in YOUR own head..
maybe its the scale… time to get real
maybe its the food.. time to get real
Maybe its making that dr. visit or setting up that therapist appt to get your body and mind right
Maybe you need to hire a coach because your way isn’t working

whatever it is … I am here for you.. a safe place..
I am an open book.. and I love when you guys share with me.. It makes me feel like Im not alone. Thats what my whole mission is at YSF.. create a tribe of empowering women that bring each other up

AND I kid you not.. i stuck my whole head in that peanut butter jar…. A hot mess!!!