Release the  brakes already!

Yup this is exactly what I said to my client the other day and it stuck. She actually said those words were the most impactful she had heard in a while. See sometimes when we hear things it kinda goes in one ear and out the other and then sometimes its like wow I hear you loud and clear.

For example…

  • One day I heard that if you are not doing anything to change your situation its like a snow fall that builds up and one day you open the door and BAM 6 feet of snow.  If you need to lose 30 lbs it wasn’t the one cheeseburger that was like how did that happen? no you ate the cheese burger and NOTHING  happened. So then the next day you are eating the cheeseburger again and then 3 years later double BAM See like a snow fall.

Little by little it builds and now you are looking at the extra 30 lbs! See for me that analogy worked for changing some of the behaviors I had been struggling with. And trust me I have a lot more.

But releasing the brakes is another good one Think about it.. have you ever been driving your car and suddenly realized the emergency brake is on… did you push harder on the gas to overcome the brake????.. of course not… you simply release the brake and with no extra effort you started to go faster. See this is what stuck with my client. She had been stuck in her comfort zone entirely on her own making. She had this programmed belief in her head that said…” I have always been this way”…. See that thinking stopped her from greatness.She realized if she really wanted to make a change she could. She started to BELEIVE  I have always been this way but I am so so ready to change and will do whatever it takes to do something different.See… if you want to feel different you have to do different .. And what you say matters.
Think of your comfort zone as a prison you live in…. It consists of … can’t.. must.. must nots… and other unfounded beliefs formed from past experiences. Its almost like you have been trained to limit yourself.
Honestly … the key to changing anything is simple…. but not easy. First you have to believe… and you start believing the minute you start following through on small small actions. I mean it.. it could be the smallest thing… like doing 10 squats!Second… you have to get a plan and get real specific.. I want to eat healthy is not specific. how many calories..  what are you macros.. how are you going to prep your food.. did you schedule the time to do the food prep on your calendar.. all of that.. Third… You have to find someone to be accountable to. A friend a coach.. whoever.. Reason being if you don’t tell someone else the minute it gets hard you just say.. yeah Ill come back to that another day.. I am going to hold off until after … fill in the blank.. etc.Fourth.. you have to execute.. daily .. even when you don’t want to!On a side note this is why personal training actually works.. Because you have accountability… and you are vested.. you know if you don’t show .. you are getting charged.. See… it really works.. when you’re vested with an appointment .. boom.. action happens..
So think about it … are you riding through life right now with the emergency brake on… is the snow falling.. oh so very slowly?If so what small action step can you take to make your dreams a reality. I would love to hear what it is… email me directly
I  too….. have finally decided to push outside fo my comfort zone.. so to keep myself accountable to all of you .. I am declaring this out loud.. I am beginning a new segment in my business… Life caoching. This has been a passion of mine for years and I do it so much now… with nutrition and training… But what I have realized is that so many times food/exercise or lack of it…  is the symptom of so many other things that are chaotic in our lives. I feel so many women are suffering and are truly stuck. They act out.. and then it builds and then they feel like absolute shit.. They are eating.. xanaxing(hmm is that a word?) shopping.. etc because of other things going on like…  Empty nest… taking care of  aging parents.. trying to figure out a career after being home with kids for the past 20 years.. divorce..  all of that!My passion is to help women…. and it truly is so much more that just the scale!!!! So … keep an eye out for this on my web site or reach out to me directly. I am excited to add this new segment into my business .. because as you all know .. it starts first….with the MIND..xo Y