wopic So I’m going to give it to you straight …being in the fitness industry probably 25 years I’ve heard it all and what you say during your workout is just important as the physical workout itself! I am all about personal development and positive self talk and I do this to myself daily to remind myself to be kind to myself to love my body and to have gratitude for what it does for me today! A lot of at the examples I’m going to list below are examples of things I used to say myself but let’s start the new year fresh and let’s start being kind to ourselves and change that negative self talk into positive affirmations A common one that I hear is I can’t do yoga I’m not flexible. This is total type a thinking and really defeats the purpose of yoga which is to become more flexible! I used to think the same thing if I can’t hold the pose and be the best in class I’m not even going to show up ….that kept me away from yoga for years and now 10 years later I can tell you yoga is my saving grace and probably the best thing I do for my body! I always fail at pull-ups and push-ups I never can get these exercises! Guess what the reason why is because they are truly very hard! To do a push-up correctly and to do a pull-up correctly are two of the hardest exercises for a woman But again this is all or nothing type thinking and we need to change that You’re thinking should be I will do a pull-up and I will do these push-ups every day I’m getting stronger. Here is my favorite. I only lost 2 pounds this week I don’t think this is working!! WHAT?? 2 pounds is 2 pounds and 2 pounds is hard work of sweat and clean eating so be proud! Change your thinking too I am proud of myself that I’m sticking with my program and I’m grateful for my 2 pounds. I don’t think this program is working I’m not seeing results?  Another common one and my answer is always the same don’t give yourself an excuse to give up change takes time and at least give yourself 90 days to see if the program is working After 90 days you’re not feeling better and losing weight reevaluate and see what you can do differently. And the last thing I hear a lot is I’ll start my program after I get back from Florida on Monday, next week, next month… Let me tell you Monday is the worst day to start anything new just start today start right now start on your next meal change happens with action which means now is the time!! I know this is tough talk from your trainer but I honestly can tell you that if you change the way you speak to yourself you will change the way you live your life. Stop being a prisoner to the scale to the numbers and start enjoying what your body can do for you!!