Ok so I have something on my mind… and I am so happy to chat with you about it because it is seriously life changing.As many of you know I do health coaching and I had a HUGE breakthrough with a client this week. it really was huge… The conversation went something like this.. I just don’t understand why I can’t lose weight… I mean I have all good intentions to workout and track my food and I can never get past day 3 … I am at a total lole… (ok not sure if thats even a word.. but if it isn’t …..I mean I am in a rut 🙂 I say I totally get you… but you are where you are because your SHOULDS are not MUSTS! … basically you are shoulding all over yourself..Let me explain… we never get our shoulds… We have all had these.. I should lose weight.. I should stop smoking I should exercise more I should blah blah blah…. you get the gist? But here is the thing.. until your should is a must it won’t happen. READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN…. Musts mean we have burned the boats and there is no other option than to follow through.. Period….

Tony robbins said it best at his conference I attended… “you are where you are today because of your standards” And here is the kicker … As human beings we all act on the standards that support our identity! Raise your standards raise your life.ThInk about it ……….don’t you know someone who smoked their whole life……. could not quit …….then got the cancer diagnosis and quit right THERE on the spot. They changed their standard  thus… their identity … rt then and there from smoker to non smoker. BOOM… couldn’t do it for 25 years but their should became a must .. one simple decision .. thats it! Ever hear of someone who stuggled with weight their whole life.. then got a diabetes diagnosis and lost a ton of weight and even became a marathon runner, They changed their standard.. rt then and there.. from diabetic.. to athlete. Their should became a must… one simple decision .. thats it! Until you change your standards you will never change your life. The human mind just works that way.. I know this is true because in my past life… when I was drinking and partying… I never believed I would actually stop drinking. I mean I had tried so many times.. But then one day I had enough and I decided to change my standard and my identity … So now my actions support that and I protect that shit! Like for reals.. I surround myself with people in recovery.. and rarely go near alcohol. I changed my standards in one decision.. and boom.. my identity went from a drinker to non drinker. i Just like with fitness… my identity is……. I am an athlete. No matter what….. My standard for my body is work hard! Celebrate your body and what it can do EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!! no time ……no prob weekends.. no prob vacation….. no prob not feeling it.. no prob just do it.. its who I am … So all my actions support that. But I want to show you how my standards for money are not the same. For me My standard for money is……. Hey if I am not living in my car and I got food and shelter for my kids we are good.:)
but my husbands standard for money.. is count every dollar.. invest… save.. blah blah blah.. Hell or high water all his actions support his identity about money.. check stocks… no prob work every day at 3am.. no prob check every day what you did last year to this year.. no prob.. ugh just writing it … for me.. is a snooze fest…But you see ……if I really wanted to grow my business huge… open a big gym.. have a few locations etc.. yes I could do it.. but I would have to change my standards about money and business.. its possible but not until I change my standard. Just like maybe weight loss.. fitness smoking or something you are dealing with.. CAPICHE? So moral of the story … you are where you are because of your standards. Change your standards change your life. oh and another moral of this story …. My husband will count the dollars so we have a roof over our head and I’ll count the calories so we stay ABOVE ground.:) Think about your standards.. I have friends who I go into their house ( you know who you are) and their standard for their home and cleanliness is beyond amazing. I mean fully decorated to the nine’s ..everything in order.. super clean.. I have others whose standard for beauty is wow.. like seriously going to shop rite with full make up and high heels.. thats a lot of work and I totally say wow.. thats a high standard bottom line when it comes to fitness/ health /money / beauty/ etc nobody has more time… we all just have different standards. If you are having a hard time with YOUR standard for health. Shoot me an email. Lets chat.. lets get you feeling amazing. I mean seriously if not now when. We need to do it NOW!!!  remember what Todd said.. TIME IS FINITE!!!!! so RAISE YOUR STANDARDS… CHANGE  YOUR LIFE! HM… THIS MIGHT HAVE TO BE ON A BRACELET:)