Submitted by LaVerne White: From January Yvette Salva Fitness Newsletter

1Happy New Year, and I want to start by saying, thank you!  So many of you in the YSF community have made 2013 an incredible year.  I think we have some of the most inspiring and fit clients we are privileged to work with each day.

So, I ask, why not make 2014 your best?

Push to Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals

Make 2014 the year to you chose to push harder to achieve your personal fitness goals, open your mind, heart and soul to new challenges?   We will hear a thousand resolutions and promises from family,  friends at the start of the year, but I want to discuss the personal ones we keep to ourselves.  The secret goals and challenges that are out of our “comfort zone”.   For example, I have a list of my own in 2014, like nailing 10+ unassisted pullups (oh, will crush them),  embracing the wonders of yoga, and a few more, like competition burpees? Yes, it is time to face those fears and get it done folks!   What could be better than a new year of possibilities? Turn your WHY into WHY NOT?

Push to Reach Your Personal Fitness GoalsThis year, I have decided to take a different path to achieve my goals.  This year is also a major milestone for me personally, I turn 50, but I plan to greet it with open arms.  I see amazing women in our YSF community and they have inspired me to push through and conquer my fears without regrets!

First step, I plan to write a letter to myself on New Years day, and I will put it away until next December 1st.   This isn’t a letter of the goals I plan to achieve this year, but a thank you and gratitude letter.  A letter to myself for tackling all of the challenges and remembering that I have the amazing people that I have surrounding me at YSF, my clients, the Saturday 6am crew (Kickass Divas), and of course friends and family.  I will use it to reflect on all those little victories and successes for it will make me stronger.

Second, you guessed it, write my personal list of fitness goals.   As I mentioned, unassited pullups.  I want these badly so I will do them 3X a week and by May, done!  Next, on my list yoga, but I know it will take me more than a year to truly benefit.  That is fine, I believe it will help me age gracefully, improve my flexibility and balance.   Third on the list, learn to love the burpee!   Why not?  It is the complete package and my kids will think I am super cool!  Fourth,  run baby, run more!  I have a love hate relationship with running, but it helps me clear my head.  Maybe,  I should consider a half marathon?  What do you think?  Finally,  discover and try new fitness trends!  The benefit, I can share it with You!

I want everyone in the YSF fitness community to remember as we start a new year, you don’t face your challenges alone, you can and will succeed! This year broaden your horizons and try something new.  Perhaps you want to run a 5K or a tough mudder (like the amazing Maria Rosner), perfect pushups, pendulum lunges, TRX pistol squats, or everyones favorite, monkey pushups!  No matter what, tell yourself this year will be adventurous,  and you will embrace the possibilities that you will achieve all of your personal fitness goals.  Next, let us know so we can help!