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Fight the Temptation this Halloween with Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is just a few days away. I know what your saying…That Darn Candy, it is the worst part about Halloween Right? If your like many of my clients and me, we all dread Halloween not because of the kids and their costumes, or the Halloween parties themselves, but because of so many temptations. There are so many treats to choose from; chocolate to peanut butter.  What if there was an inexpensive, tasty and nutritious treat that was easy to prepare that could help beat the need for treats this Halloween? Well when your kids carve their pumpkin, or when you go buy a pumpkin after reading this article, before you throw away that yucky gunk inside, take out all the seeds, these seeds can satisfy your cravings and provide you with some great health benefits.

Pumpkin seeds to the Rescue!

Did you have any idea how healthy pumpkin seeds are for your health. The seeds are a great source to get mono-unsaturated fats, which if you are not aware will help suppress your appetite and satisfy you with what you eat. It will regulate blood sugar and lower your risk of heart disease. They even provide a great source of protein which is needed to help with muscle growth and to maintain muscle.  If your a vegan or vegetarian these seeds can be a different option to your beans, soy and nuts. Also do you like or want a healthy immune system? Pumpkin seeds contain a high level of zinc, magnesium and iron, which zinc can help you maintain a healthy immune system, so why not have a handful of seeds right? One more amazing fact about Pumpkin seeds that I know many people do not know, they are a powerful and HEALTHIER anti-inflammatory better than taking drugs, because they will not lead to possible side effects like joint issues or making arthritic worse.  Like WOW all that in a little seed, why wouldn’t you eat them?

What Do I do With Pumpkin Seeds?

  • Make a salad and toss them in
  • Eat them by themselves, maybe broil them with a touch of sea salt and have as a snack
  • Add them into your sauteed vegetables
  • Create a trail mix, put in some dried fruit, other nuts and seeds
  • Mix them into a Blender with other smoothy ingredients
  • Put them in your muffin
I found some great recipes at: What to Do with Pumpkin Seeds?