So I’m feeling very inspired after returning from my Anthony Robbins seminar which was absolutely amazing! The seminar was called unleash the power within and I would recommend it to anybody who’s looking to make some changes in their life. I wanted to write this blog… Because one of the questions I was asked most often by the participants at the seminar was how can I stop binge eating?

I wanted to give you some tips which I’m sure can be used throughout the upcoming holiday season more than ever???

Have you ever said this to yourself? “It needs to stop right now! It’s over. No matter what I will never binge again!!”
  • Have you ever thought that you just needed  to “try harder” to resist the urge to binge?
  • That you just needed more willpower? But no matter how hard you fought and battled you always ended up binging.
If this has happened to you, then you know how it can make you feel. It can make you question your sanity, your willpower and you begin to wonder if you are doomed for a life living with this. Each time you fail to stop a binge episode it further cements the belief that there is something inherently wrong with you. In reality: Nothing could be further from the truth. Your over eating has nothing to do with your integrity as a person. If you restrict your food intake, your natural defense mechanism, which ensures you eat enough will be triggered. This natural defense mechanism creates an overwhelming desire to binge on food. And this is extremely powerful. I mean really ridiculously powerful. It originates from a primal part of your being. It overrides your logic and willpower. You have no choice in this. Once this is triggered you will eat food. And probably eat lots of it. No matter how hard we try our primal need to eat will override our desire not to eat. Willpower is useless against the binge urge. The fact is, willpower is only good for short term goals and it only works for so long. No one – anywhere – has enough willpower to continually resist the urge to binge forever. Eventually you WILL give in. This is why your most fervent promises to stop binging always failed. You (like everyone else on the planet) are genetically programmed to binge on food after restricting. It’s the same primal force that compels us to breathe after holding our breath for any length of time. It hijacks your body and mind. In a way its more powerful than you. appleSo let’s be really, really clear on this. IF YOU ARE MALNOURISHED, YOU WILL BINGE. This will happen to ANYONE on the planet. In order to stop binging you needed to stop these  crazy crash diets? Let me repeat that: In order to stop binging you needed to stop restricting. This is the BIG KEY to your Weight loss program. By stopping food restriction you boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels and most importantly experience a massive reduction in binge urges. Seriously, this is a huge cornerstone of maintaining your weight loss and creating a new sustainable diet that you can sustain throughout your life! Slow and steady wins the race always with weight loss and if you don’t believe me check out the numbers of the contestants on the biggest loser. Just set yourself up for success with the food program that is sustainable that will not keep you deprived and that you can sustain over the period of your life amen Don’t forget ladies be happy and be grateful shake that ass and smile?