weight lossI want to send out a huge congratulations to my client and friend Christina. She delievered a beautiful baby boy, today and his name is  Colton. I could not be happier for her  and her family. At this time I am working with 2 women who are pregnant …one has been able to workout the whole time and the other has had many complications and had to stop. Either way, the end result will be that they will want to get their pre baby body so  I figured I would write an article on  post partum weight loss

So  wheather you are trying to lose the weight you gained from making a beautiful baby or just trying to get in the best shape of your life  eating a sensible diet that helps you shed pounds gradually while supplying you with enough nutrients to keep your energy is the best way to go. Here are some useful tips

Weight Loss Tips

Write it down… I know … I am a broken record on this one. But every single bite counts and most people don’t actually beleive they consume the calories they actually do. Think about it… the cream in your coffee… your kids extra chicken nugget.. the couple of french fries you steal off your kids plate. They all add up!
Go greek
Greek yogurt is fast becoming a dieter’s best friend. This protein rich foo can be used in smoothies, salad dressings, dips or right out of the container.Because its higher in protein than regular fat free  yogurt its got longer staying power!
Eat breakfast
Eating a good breakfast can actually help you lose weight. its ture. A breakfast packed with protein and complex carbs helps stabilize your blood sugar and  stave off hunger.
Pump up the protein. You know the mid morning crash? that’s your blood sugar at work… or rather not working so well. The solution is to keep your levels at an even keel by including protein in all your meals. Make sure you sneak some protein in your kids snacks as well 🙂
Spray calories Substitute cooking spray for oil or butter when cooking. you can easily save 100 calories with this tip alone I do this also with salad dressing.. you can spray olive oil vs pouring it out of the bottle.
Eat more Fruits and Veggies.
Its all  about filling up on the food that are high in volume but low in calories.
A massive pile of raw veggies will keep you full and regular 🙂 Also having an apple
with some greek yogurt dip will keep you full
Don’t go fat free Dont be fat phobic be fat savvy Steer clear of those saturated fats, but do include small amounts of healthy fats in your weight loss diet. Olive oil, canola oilm avocados, nuts and seeds are good choices. Also fatty fish like salmon is a great choice
Go berry!
Berries are an amzing food! They are off the charts for antioxidant which help with memory, good skin and  your heart
Best of all they may actually help you bust the post baby belly fat.
I buy frozen berries from costco and put them in my smoothies. I love it.
I hope you enjoy these tips!