Personal Training For Women

One Client .. One Trainer .. One Goal

Welcome to YSF!

This is a safe haven for women with our strict focus based on YOUR goals.
no classes small groups… no men!
Just you and your trainer ready to attack your goals!
This is a process and we want to get o know you and understand where you are at. We will discuss different options that work best for your schedule goals and finances. Once we figure out the best program for you we are in this together be it in studio or visually.

A Custom workout program made just for YOU, in studio or virtually.

  • WOMEN ONLY .. all fitness levels are welcome
  • PRIVATE SUITES .. avoid the crowds… no waiting for equipment … no judgement
  • CUSTOM PROGRAMS .. training programs based on YOUR goals. no. cookie cutter format
  • ACCOUNTABILITY .. certified female trainers to your goals are OUR goals
  • RESULTS .. progressive adjustments to your program so you don’t plateau!
  • NO CONTRACTS .. pay for a package and continue if you are satisfied.. no strings attached


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