OK so here it is … 2016. Let’s really start to push ourselves. My goal for this year is to get really strong and improve in a lot of challenging exercises. I’ve been adding 5 minutes a day of jump rope to practice my skills. I really want to be able to whip through double unders . If you are not sure what they are you will see them soon enough in the upcoming workouts ….Jump rope is a skill so…. If you’re just starting with the jump rope just start with the basics… then move on to the fancy foot work. There is also a gadget out there i LOVE called air ropes. they are basically two  little 2 foot ropes with a ball at the end..  you hold them like jump ropes but you won’t get tangled.,.. and your shoulders will get a great workout….. great if you want to get the hang of jump rope but are getting so frustrated because you keep getting caught and can’t get the consecutive jumps yet. Make sure you also have wrist protection when we use the  kettlebells in the HIIT workouts in the online gym…  We will be doing a lot of cleans and that bell can really do a number on your wrist if you are not wear protection. Last but not least. I have a homework for you.  Send me an email and let me know what  is your goal for the new year to ysf3gym@gmail.com. What do you want to improve. I don’t want to see any weight loss goals (even it’s one of them) just focus on strength and performance and let the rest fall into place. What exercises would you like to be able to finally do next year? What is it that you want to get better at? Find the passion in learning new skills. It’s fun, it’s engaging and you’re going to feel more accomplished than constantly checking the number on your scale.

Have a great year look forward to working with everyone to reach your goals this year!