My Fitness App – my number 1 choice my fitness pal app     People are always asking me what are some great apps to get on their phone. As you know my favorite is my fitness pal app for tracking calories, but I have pretty much beat that one to death. You know if you want to lose weight you need a caloric deficit and in order to know how many calories you are consuming you need to track that is why I LOVE THIS APP!  You will have access to the same huge database of over 2,000,000 foods and restaurant items that you can get on the website. Any changes you make on your phone will be synchronized to the web and vice versa. Get this app for your phone now But lets get to others that are more fitness oriented. Here are some of the ones I like to use along side my fitness pal app

Nike Training Club

nikeAnother great app to use with my fitness pal app, is Nike Training Club. Professional athletes and Nike’s top trainers have created hundreds of workouts for women, all in a well-designed database. Plug in your current fitness level info and get moving. There is audio guided workouts to keep you on track. You pick workouts that fit your goals, set the workout to your music, you can share your progress through facebook and twitter. Meanwhile, Nike’s male fan-base is begging for their own version. Get this app for your phone now

Couch To 5K

coach5kMany people have tried running and got turned away from it to fast, because simply trying to do to much to quick. This app will help with that, go from being a couch potato to a 5k runner, using this app. It was the Winner of the 2012 Appy Award, Couch To 5K helps even the most devoted potato get moving with enough consistency to run a 5K race in just nine weeks. For those who are already 5K’ing on the regular? Bump up your racing to 10K in the same time frame. The app features virtual coaches, recorded mantras, a native music player and graphs to not only record workouts, but track progress. Get this app for your phone now

Pocket Yoga

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 3.22.10 PMIs that 27 yoga practices in your pocket? This yoga guide is one of the best apps of 2012, thanks to its extensive dictionary of yoga poses and terms and exceptional yoga instructors that lead through three different variations of yoga, three difficulty levels and three durations. You will have detailed voice and visual instruction through each pose. You can play your music while going through posses. There are over 150 illustrated pose pictures that show you correct posture and positioning Get this app for your phone now


runkeeperFor those who just can’t stand the gym, tracking your workouts in the wild blue yonder can be a bit more of a challenge. That’s where RunKeeper comes in: it uses your phone’s GPS system to help track anything you can do outside — walk, run, bike or hike. And for lifehackers and self-monitoring types, the app will alert you to your stats and progress via their audio system as you work out. Save routes, compare performances and use the app to sync up your health data with data sets from many other fitness apps — making RunKeeper one of the most integrated systems out there. I don’t ever exercise outside, but for those outdoorsy folks this is a good one! Get this app for your phone now


cardiioWant to know your heart beat, but don’t want to wire up? Cardiio uses new research from MIT’s Media Center to interpret your heart rate simply from the way light is refracted on your face in photos taken on your iPhone 4S camera. Is that friggin cool or what? Keep track of that rate as you move through different activities, and compare it to the general population or more tongue-in-cheek opponents. Get this app for your phone now


vitgoWant to start strength training and conditioning, but don’t know where to start? Input your fitness level and goals and Vitogo will generate an effective series for you to try. Keep track of your goals on their native program, or sync it up with another app, like RunKeeper. I can bearly work my Camera phone, but for those techie’s out there sync it up baby!! Get this app for you phone now

The Gymboss Interval Timer

gymbosintervalThis is a programmable interval timer perfect for cardio workouts and HIIT training. This is what I use for the ten in ten videos. I set up my intervals on those workouts to 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 10 rounds. I also like to use one minute on 15 off for bootcamps.. very easy to set up! Get this app for your phone now             There are plenty more where that came from. Anyone else have great apps they would like to share, comment or send me a email to     Share or comment if you found this post helpful!