This is what Morie has to say:

When I joined a gym and started going, I never really knew if I was doing it correct, and no one really offered help.  The help I receive and training with LaVerne at YSF is completely different.  Since, I started coming to YSF with LaVerne, she’s always there to show me the proper form and posture.  Learning how to prevent injuries and gaining strength all while learning how to do it properly, is great! The main reason that I wanted to come to a personal trainer was because I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and I knew I needed one on one to make sure what I was doing for my body was the correct thing.  I wanted to help build my bone mass and I knew just going to the gym and doing my own thing wasn’t going to do it, I needed someone to work through it with me and keep me focused on my goals. I always try To walk with family and I am golfer, so personal training hopefully helps my golf game! 8f4bdb5f-69dd-444e-8037-651532a38bcaI am very happy that I made the decision to stop by the Yvette Salva Fitness studio and take the free 30 minute training session.  I was even luckier to be teamed up with my trainer, LaVerne.  I have now been training with her since last fall, and have never looked back!  LaVerne is not only my trainer, but someone who cheers me on when I’m training, and even days I’m not (love your affirmations you send me)!  She pushes me when I want to give up, knows when I need to move on try more and is also my best “cheerleader” and I know, a new friend. I could not have gotten stronger and achieved what I have without her support and help.  Thank you LaVerne.  I believe health wise this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time by being part of this center.
“Morie, you are such an inspiration and joy to work with!  You always push hard and never give up.  I am so proud of you, my friend!” Laverne, Personal Trainer Do you need a little spice of motivation? How about some Crazy Trainer Motivation….