It has been a great journey being part of the Yvette Salva Fitness family. My workouts with my Personal Trainer LaVerne have helped me see how much fun working out can be. Besides becoming a friend, LaVerne has showed me what I am capable of doing and pushing me to become even more. I’m much stronger since I started and continue to do things I never thought I could achieve as a “senior”. I love the way I am challenged at each workout to do more and more. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and even though I was slightly active (golf), strength training was critical to my health and well-being. LaVerne designed workouts to ensure I could get stronger. Of course, she gave me homework on my days I was not with her in the studio. I had knee surgery in the fall, but I continued working on my upper body strength. Over time my knees got stronger with Physical Therapy and my workouts with LaVerne. I love the muscle definition I have developed! Coming to Yvette Salva Fitness is fun and never before would I believe that working out could be so enjoyable. Thanks Laverne and Yvette Salva Fitness for changing and challenging me in my health and strength journey. Morie Marino PS Have you seen my water bottle? LOL

LaVerne her trainer says: “Morie, you are such an inspiration to me and many others. You never quit, and always go the extra mile! I love how you will say, “my form fell apart, let me do that again, or I want to do more reps!” I am so proud of you and thank you for your being YOU! Your are honest, brave and such a beautiful lady and my friend!! Now, show those young ones, how it’s done! ??PS, found your bottle and don’t forget your purse. haha!
This could be you. Your path to a healthier life starts today, Yvette Salva Fitness is not just about personal training sessions. We are here to coach you to change your habits. No Matter where you live we can work with you because we can train or coach you in person, by phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Of course If you don’t need support on-going, but need help getting started, we will design a custom monthly nutrition and exercise plan tailored to your individual goals, diet restrictions and exercise level. Get the support you need and the results you want on YOUR schedule. Choose from a variety of options to help you reach your goals.  Contact Yvette Salva directly at 732-331-5859 to set up a FREE 30 minute workout and discuss your goals.