monMy journey of acceptance and happiness official started September 19, 2011. Years went and my eating habits were just getting worse in the sense in that I would binge daily. So, mid-year, March 2004 I FINALLY took the courage and (drum roll please) went running for the first time ever! Here I also met Yvette and started taking her kick boxing classes in LA Fitness then saw how inspiring she was and thought to myself…”I have to get her body!” so, I e-mailed her and began training with her.February 10, 2009 my whole world changed. I lost my best friend, my father after 22 years.  Dieting, exercising, confidence all flew out the window. I gained the weight back and jumped back to 155. On September 21, 2011 weighing at 150 I made and signed an oath to myself that I was going to take that offer up of changing my eating habits so I signed up to weight watchers again after 7 years and made an exercise routine. I lost 26 lbs from the day I started till today.

But moreover, I gained CONFIDECE with the right formulas: eating healthy and excising, the old fashion way! I’m happier then ever.

The above couldn’t have been possible without meeting Yvette. She gave me the tools I needed to conquer my goal of losing weight. My training with Yvette for 10 years was nothing but pure encouragement, pushing me to my limits, and being there for me as not only my trainer but also my friend! Our Thursdays at 8:30 am is truly missed but I can now take the tools you have handed down to me and continue this journey. I was also given the opportunity to train with Yvette’s co-workers: Cris & Verne. Truly two amazing trainers who also use to push me to my limits and always had me feeling amazing at the end of our session. YSF team is truly a loving, dedicated, and inspirational group. They treat their clients as family and care for your well-being. I love you all and thank you for being part of my crazy but amazing journey! The journey isn’t easy but it was all worth it as there is never an end but always a new beginning.