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Make Your Water Tasty!

[caption id="attachment_2635" align="alignright" width="223"]Citrus refresher:  lemon, lime and orange Citrus refresher: lemon, lime and orange[/caption] Water is necessary, but many of us still don’t drink enough!  Yvette and Cris have stated the importance of drinking water in previous articles, so, I am going to share a simple way to make your water exciting and tasty.  Making your own flavored or spa water take only a few minutes to make and a couple of ingredients. I was inspired to make my own water after a few visits to the spa and understanding the benefits of drinking enough water daily.  So, get out those pitchers and let’s have some fun!  First, any fresh fruit can be used, except bananas, but buy organic and wash your fruit thoroughly.   Frozen can be used if you don’t have fresh on-hand.  Next, you can add some vegetables like cucumber, but I haven’t had the desire to try others.  Herbs are an excellent compliment to the fruit.  My personal favorite herbs to use are mint, rosemary and basil, but try others too!  I have experimented with cinnamon sticks and ginger, and they add a nice twist to water.  Finally, plenty of ice,  spring or filtered water and a 2 quart pitcher.  An infuser pitcher or travel mug are also excellent to use.

How to make Flavored Water

  • 1 cup of fruit, cut or diced
  • Cucumber, optional
  • 2  Tablespoons of herbs
  • Ice and Filtered water
[caption id="attachment_2636" align="alignright" width="319"]Island paradise:  pineapple and mint Island paradise: pineapple and mint[/caption] 1. Place a layer of ice on bottom of pitcher, add fruit, some ice, herbs/cucumber and top with ice. 2. Add filtered water.  Can be enjoyed right away, but let it hang out at least 30 minutes or even overnight! In addition, you can muddle some of the herbs and fruit before adding with ice and water.  I usually don’t but just my preference.  Below are some suggestions and combinations to try, but send us pics of your flavored waters!
  1. Citrus refresher:  lemon, lime and orange (see picture)
  2. Miami sunshine:  orange and mint
  3. Spa-ah-fresh:  lime and cucumber
  4. Island paradise:  pineapple and mint (see picture)
  5. Fall crisp:  apple and cinnamon
  6. Tummy soother:  ginger, rosemary and lemon
  7. Berry Berry good:  strawberries, raspberries and lemon
  8. Summer fun:  Watermelon and basil
  9. Holiday magic:  cranberries, orange, blackberries

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