michelleMy name is Michelle Lackey and I’ve been training with Yvette twice a week for six months now. I like so many other women and young girls struggle with body issues and eating problems. It’s very difficult for me to share my story because I’m very private regarding these issues so I struggled when Yvette approached me about being “client of the month”. But I feel I cannot share any of my success without talking am bit about my struggles and failures too.

 I’ve always been “overly” concerned about my weight and when I say “overly” I mean OVERLY concerned about my weight. That number would make or break my day. That number took on a life of it’s own. If it wasn’t the “perfect” number in my mind then the day was destined to be ruined. I let 3 digits control my life for many years. I started dieting very young. I clearly remember being in  2nd grade and bringing in cucumbers, salad and light salad dressing as part of my lunch. I’ve always been very tall (I’m over 5″10) and was very tall growing up. So everyone from a young age would refer to me as such a “big”  girl. I think that planted the seed, big = fat. While my weight has always been within the “normal” ranges of weight charts when your mind isn’t normal your weight isn’t normal either! So my exercise routines took on a punishing quality and  wasn’t something I did to be “healthy”. I also struggle with control issues so throw that into the mix and I was living the perfect “crazy” storm. I began running because it was something I couldn’t do (fits right in with punishing myself) and continued running until one day (oddly enough) I was running with a friend and ran by Yvette’s house. She told me a bit about Yvette and I signed up immediately.

Michelle’s Journey to Healthy Living

That very first session started to change things for me. Yvette asked me what my goals were and I said that I wanted to be strong, fit and mainly healthy.  To be honest I also wanted to lose a few  pounds but I tried not to dwell on that outcome because Yvette would give me that look and tell me to forget the scale!  My workouts were very hard but I started to feel like I didn’t want to punish myself anymore. I began to feel accomplished because I was doing things I never did before.  I was also becoming more confident so I no longer wanted to punish myself for not being the “perfect” weight or eating perfectly. I started to realize this is an unachievable goal. My nutrition improved as a result of these workouts because I needed a cleaner diet to achieve max  results. Yvette also introduced me to Shakeology which really helped me control my sweet binging which I’ve struggled with for years. The biggest change in my workouts are the workouts themselves. I use to run 5/6 times a week and I can honestly say I have never seen the results in all of my years of running as I have seen in six months of training with Yvette. No workout is the same and they completely push me out of my comfort zone. Weight training, HIIT and cardio weight training has completely transformed what years of running or routine exercise simply could not. I look forward to these amazing workouts with my amazing and truly life changing trainer, Yvette. I’m also lucky  to have a great workout partner and a very supportive husband. The days I don’t train or take a class with Yvette I do Insanity and most recently Body Beast with my hubby so even on my off days I weight train. Nothing better than looking at Shaun T and Sagi with their shirts off! I only run occasionally now and for pleasure not to punish myself. My biggest victory is feeling more confident in myself. I feel strong and fit. I feel happy and healthier. I have a beautiful little girl who just turned 5 so I want to instill good healthy habits in her right from the start.  I want her to know the scale is not important. I no longer weigh myself every day (or 16 times like I use to….). I know that number is not my friend. This isn’t a cliché it’s the absolute truth – you have to be happy with yourself or you truly won’t be happy.  To be honest,

I hit my goal weight about a month ago and you know what? Nothing changed – the sea didn’t part,  the angels didn’t sing and my life is still the same. The number isn’t anything and it won’t change your life but being healthy and confident and committed will.

To be honest I will always struggle with body and eating issues but they no longer absolutely control me. The physical changes have been tremendous but the mental changes are monumental. I’m still a work  in progress but the feeling of personal accomplishment and staying committed is priceless. So if you’re reading this – stay committed and if you’re struggling don’t give up because every day you wake up is a day you can change.   Michelle, Yvette here, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your story truly choked me up. I mean literally sobbing. I think I even lost a friggin fake eyelash 🙂 You’re an unbelievable role model to your entire family and to women everywhere. I don’t think one woman can NOT identify with the feelings you shared. I know putting your stuff out there is very humbling and you were scared.. but you did it. THIS is what its all about sharing your story so that it can help somebody else. Personally having struggled with eating issues my whole life … you have inspired me! Being perfect is just not possible… so one day at a time we just try and be less judgemental on ourselves and more forgiving. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. And keep wearing those bra tops sista… your hard work has definitely paid off!