Today’s story of success comes from my dear friend and client Michelle not only has she made such a HUGE physical transformation… she has completely been through some hard times and reset her whole mind set. Its unbelievable the power of mind set!!!

“Hi My Fitness Peeps! My name is Michelle and I’ve been working out with Yvette for several years. I was supposed to be client of the month in August but to be honest I changed my story last minute and didn’t have it finished in time. I started out writing about my short comings, struggles and an injury I sustained that really started bringing me  “down the rabbit hole”  as I called it for several months. But while I was writing I thought why am I making excuses and talking about struggles instead of focusing on the positives and good changes I’ve incorporated in my life that has helped me see progress in my life, both personally and physically? Maybe it could help someone else and I think that’s what YSF is all about. I feel YSF isn’t just a place to work out. It’s a community of supportive women and trainers who keep us accountable and sometimes become our most valued therapist and friend. It’s a place where we can go to feel empowered and strong, which is invaluable. Working out hard and setting goals for myself physically is something for me and me only – not Michelle the Mom, Michelle the wife, nor Michelle the caregiver. I train privately with Yvette now twice a week and 6am Saturday mornings with a fantastic crew of ladies. I have to tell you something you may not like to hear that has made the biggest difference both physically and mentally. I feel very “uncomfortable” in my workouts now and I don’t succeed at everything I try. I couldn’t keep doing the same workouts because if you’re succeeding in everything you do, you’re doing it wrong! Yvette said “I wouldn’t be a good trainer if I didn’t push you out of your comfort zone and make you feel uncomfortable. Now, stop looking at that pull up bar and get on it. That statement really got me thinking and started a change in my thought process in life too….I tell my kids to never give up, keep trying and failure is a good thing because it makes your successes that much sweeter. But I wasn’t applying it to my own life! I changed my mindset and that has really led me to a new way of thinking. Now don’t get me wrong…..I’m ALWAYS a work in progress. I have my up’s and down’s but I really try not to live in the extremes anymore either. Yvette keeps me accountable with this and it’s something I always struggle with personally. You have to live somewhere in the middle where you can find happiness with your success and failures because that is all part of it. That’s really what it is…. For years I’ve over thought working out, my relationship with food, success/failures etc….But it’s a simple mind set change that I made with Yvette’s help that I’m finding peace and success both physically and mentally. Keep at it ladies and eventually you will meet your goals! It’s hard work but it makes it so much sweeter when you succeed at one those goals.