client1My name is Lynn and I am an Elementary Band Director in Woodbridge Township.  My husband and I have lived in Monroe for about 18 years.

Many of my family members have weight related health issues and I swore that would never happen to me. I decided early on to follow a healthy lifestyle.  I have always worked out on my own, walked, biked, hiked and anything else that came my way. I have a library of workout DVDs, including every Biggest Loser DVD ever made! I enjoy working out. It makes me happy.

This past July I decided that I needed my butt kicked.  I felt that I needed a change, a challenge ….someone to actually help me get stronger, leaner and tighter. I knew I couldn’t do that by myself.  So I posted on the Facebook Monroe page for  recommendations for a local personal trainer. Within 10 minutes, I had about 8 comments. They all said….Yvette Salva Fitness!

I made the phone call, and my first appointment was made. And boy, was I nervous! I briefly met Yvette and couldn’t help noticing her killer arms.  Laverne greeted me so warmly,  took all my information, measured me and made me feel completely at ease.  I wasn’t nervous from that point on. I was excited! I was paired with Shannon, went home with the forms to fill out. There was one question….What inspired you to work out with a personal trainer.  I actually answered it with “Yvette’s arms”!

The day finally came to meet Shannon.  She is so sweet, so caring and so knowledgeable with a beautiful smile.   I enjoyed working out with her twice a week for five months. I looked forward to our time together and consider her a wonderful friend. And…..I started noticing a positve change in my body. I was hooked and very proud. Not bad for a 53 year old!

client2Now I work out with Cris. Twice a week…..5:30 – 6:15am without fail! I have fallen in love with weight training. And yes, I love planks!  I can’t get enough. I never want to leave and wish I can just stay all day, everyday! Cris has been incredible.  She kicks my butt and I enjoy every minute of it. She knows just what to say and just how to say it. The way she motivates me is wonderful.  I think she is secretly Superwoman!

I also signed up for the online gym. It’s perfect! I love having such a variety of workouts to choose from on the days I’m not with Cris.

I have never felt better, both physically and mentally.  Signing up for personal training at YSF has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The entire staff of YSF is incredible. I have never met a group of such amazing, passionate, strong and beautiful women. You all love what you do and it shows….that’s why I am so grateful to be part of the Yvette Salva Fitness family. I am honored to be the Client of the Month. Thank you with all my heart.

Hello everyone!!! Cris here….. You totally deserve it Lynn!! This woman is always greeting me with the biggest ear to ear smile and amazing energy at the crack of dawn. She works really hard and truly enjoys every minute of her sessions… So much so that she “never wants to go”. She “counts the days” in between our sessions, truly looking forward to when we train next. I love it! I love her!!! Keep up the hard work my dear!! You’ll see the next level of results in no time. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments thus far.

Lynn Stays Accountable to her weight loss, you know why?  Because with no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can’t follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream. YSF3 GYM PROVIDES ACCOUNTABILITY AND GREAT WORKOUTS  .. This is been the key to providing our clients with great success. Sign up for 2 weeks Free and lets change your life!