What does it mean to eat clean? Eating clean does not mean you go to mcdonalds and instead of the double cheese burger with everything on it, you bring it down to a single and only include the lettuce. Remember eating clean means eating unprocessed foods in the correct portion sizes. Think about it this way you decide your going to start drinking protein shakes for one of your meals. Which is great! But then you load that shake up with honey and peanut butter and all of the sudden your calorie count goes a lot higher than you may anticipated or in many cases people don’t even count that as calories.

Writing it all down – it is a life style not a diet

diet1My number one suggestion to everyone, is to sign up for free membership to Fitness Pal or another tracking system, or even go old school and write it all down on paper. But no matter what way you choose to do it, writing down everything you eat is vital to your success. Remember this is not a one and done type of change, this is a lifestyle change, even when you do reach your goal to maintain that goal you need to work at it. Set new goals, but never stop eating clean and exercising. Everyone will hit high and lows during their journey to reach their goals just remember to be honest with yourself. Don’t set goals that are impossible to reach, and if you do cheat, don’t lie to yourself that you didn’t actually eat that brownie. To summarize, if your struggling with weight loss first take a hard look at what your eating. After that look at your exercising, make sure you try to exercise 5 days a week. If you need help or suggestions on how to make your diet cleaner, or new and exciting workouts, check out our online gym or email me at yvettesalvafitness@gmail.com