Ok so this is going to be quick today. Its weird .. maybe you’re like me. You work better under pressure. I was talking to my coach and she said well Yvette…. why dont you just do your thursday thoughts on sunday and send it on Thursday. HELLO????? anybody home???? I mean do you even KNOW me.. First of all I am like a little kid and would have to send it on sunday…….. and second Its not completely genuine if I did not write it on thursday. I mean its called thursdays thoughts..DUH!!!!!!!! its funny how brains operate differently right?

Anyway… today topic… is … drum roll please.. TIME.
I am going to share with you all a quick story. My daughter and I attended the day of Impact with todd durkin and after the workout there was Q and A … and she said to me.. I would like to ask him whats the best advice he’s ever gotten?
Now many of you may not know who Todd is… but  Todd is a huge mentor to me… he’s basically the anthony robbins of the fitness world and she knows he’s a big part of my life. I pay a premium  price to be part of his inner circle with other  fitness enthusiasts.. so basically he’s my guru!!!and she knows that!!!! When he speaks we listen…
OH man.. I was like maryrose do it! she said nah… maybe later.
I didn’t push.. after the day was done because I am his in his master mind … we were invited to this VIP event. So.. he spoke and then there was another QanA with 1/3 less people… I am thinking will she do it… everyone is raising their hand and Mary rose.. doesn’t do it.
F*** come on girl.. remember momma told you about the 5 second rule.. ( will share that with you some other time) but nope nothin…
he is about ready to wrap up and out of no where BOOM like a rocket ship she raises her hand. YES!!!!!!! ( proud momma)
she says todd.. what is the best advice you have ever gotten?????
he turns around and says… HOW OLD ARE YOU ??? she say 14.
WOW… very insightful
he pauses for a moment and gets real emotional… i mean you could hear a pin drop… about 3 minutes later… i mean 3 minutes ….thats a fuckin’ long time…. he says…
Well … I never told anyone this story .. but when my dad passed away suddenly when I was 20 years old…..  I put an apple in his casket .. because he was the apple of my eye.
OMG… not a dry eye in the house..
then he proceeds to say…. .I am not sure if this is advice but its definitely what he has shown me… that LIFE.. maryrose is very FINITE. And we are here for a limited time.
We must take advantage of each and every day.
We must let those around us KNOW  we love them
We must not waste time…
Everything we are right now could be gone tomorrow. So….
If you want to create or do something… do it now… because you never know….
If you love somebody….. be sure to tell them now.. … because you never know…
I think that is the best advice… message… I have ever gotten.
And with that my mentor.. closed the day.
Can I just tell you.. I was so friggin proud… Proud because she had the courage to raise her hand.. she said fuck it.. just go for it .. and proud because we got the ABSOLUTE MOST PROFOUND MESSAGE .. we ALL needed to hear.
Time .. it cannot be wasted.. its the only thing we can’t buy change or get back..
So for me personally…. since that day of impact I have been really kind of reassessing my time. I know I need to make changes in my life so I can create more memories and mellow yellow time with my family. Is that hard for anyone else? ugh… personally I am a work horse and its kind of my go to…. but I really need to make changes because my daughter only has 4 years left of school before she is off to college. .. . AND I really want to be attending those volley ball games at night.. driving her to practices … making those memories..
ALSO  being there for my son when he gets off the big boy bus.. ( god I can’t believe he’s going to kindergarten)
So I know I need to take this principle to heart and apply it to my life.
What about YOU?
Think of what action steps you need to take?
Do you need more family time?
do you need to get your shit together and really lose those last 20 pounds so you can rock that sundress this summer?
Do you really need to think about this toxic job thats eating your life away?
or that relationship that was so done 10 years ago?
I know it like FUCK OVERLOAD…. but we are not guranteed tomorrow… and we need to mother fuckin shine bitches … so lets go!!!!!!
Feel free to share with me.. if you need to take action today on something that you know needs to happen! And remember… its always a whisper.. its there……. listen to it.!!!!!